Voter Fraud Plus Bait-and-Switch Equals Tyranny

Lessons from 2016.

The 2020 election battle has left millions of voters in a state of confusion. For a sense of clarity, they might recall a significant race from 2016. 

“Voters in Oceanside, Calif., have chosen a dead man over a woman, re-electing Gary Ernst as city treasurer despite the fact that Ernst died in September,” reported National Public Radio on November 10, 2016. Challenger Nadine Scott charged that Oceanside councilman Jerry Kern urged voters to choose the dead man so he could hand-pick a successor. Kern acknowledged as much a week after the death of Ernst, telling ABC news, “vote for him anyway, because that way we can get somebody that’s qualified there.” That presages a key feature of the 2020 election.

As their candidate for president of the United States, Democrats selected Joe Biden, 77, a 47-year Senate veteran and loser in 1988 and 2008 presidential bids. In 2020, Biden says he’s running for the Senate, doesn’t know his location and claims 200 million Americans have died from Covid. And so on.

Joe may be above ground, but to all but the willfully blind he is completely incapable of carrying out the duties of the presidency, the most difficult job in the world. Democrats selected Biden for the same reason Jerry Kern urged votes for dead man Gary Ernst. They wanted to get somebody else in the office.

That would be Kamala Harris, supposedly qualified as an intersectional “woman of color.” Harris is a favorite of the “composite character” president formerly known as Barry Soetoro, who called her the “best looking attorney general in the country.”  That invites a look at the way Harris became attorney general of California, and its relevance to the current campaign.

Democrat queenmaker Willie Brown also thought Harris, 30 years his junior, was good looking. In a daring act of poontronage, Brown set up Harris in lucrative sinecures and backed her runs for San Francisco district attorney and state attorney general in 2010.

Harris was so lightly regarded that the Sacramento Bee, a veritable Democrat newsletter, backed Republican Steve Cooley. On election night Cooley claimed victory, but pro-Harris SEIU drones harvested enough ballots to give Harris a “lead” of less than one percent, and the race was called in her favor. It was blatant, voter fraud of the same brand Democrats now deploy. They halt crucial vote counts that favors Trump and dredge up ballots for Biden, many delivered by the postal workers union that endorsed  Biden, who helpfully clarified the issue.

In an October 24 video, Biden bragged that he had created, “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” The Democrat front-man got help from California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a crony of Nancy Pelosi. In March, Newsom deployed emergency powers to order ballots sent to every registered voter, which includes at least one million illegals registered to vote through the DMV “motor voter” plan.

On November 2, a judge ruled Newsom’s order “an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power,” too late to stop the illegals from voting. At this writing the massive fraud continues, and evokes other memories of 2016.

“Last time, in 2016, the establishment was not ready for Donald Trump,” writes Roger Kimball at American Greatness. “This time they knew it was not only possible but probable, and they prepared accordingly.” That includes the massive voter fraud openly touted by Biden and the bait-and-switch hailed by Nancy Pelosi, who announced that the bid to deploy the 25th Amendment had nothing to do with Trump. Victor Davis Hanson was already onto it.

From day one, the Democrats would begin the process of deposing Biden in favor of Harris. Biden was simply the front man, and he knew pollsters would rig the numbers to show him with a massive lead. The establishment media confirmed they had learned nothing.

Fox News polls were among the worst and on election night, as Kimball noted, Fox refused to call Florida for Trump even after he had won the state. They called Arizona for Biden when it still in play, with lines at the polls. Two days after the election, Fox refused to call Alaska and other states for Trump, even though the president’s win was clear.

Mark Levin, Jesse Waters, Judge Jeannine and Tucker Carlson are on to the Democrats’ scam, but the most astute of all may be Tyrus. As he announced on the Greg Gutfeld show in 2016, the Democrats “got their asses kicked” but “claimed they gained more yards.” In 2020 Trump is again kicking ass but Democrats bring in fake ballots by the truckload.

As in 2016, Democrats advance a corrupt ruling-class candidate. Like the dead man Gary Ernst, Democrats want people to vote for Joe Biden so they can swap him out for Kamala Harris, already a beneficiary of voter fraud and with the exception of Xavier Becerra possibly the worst attorney general in California history.

To adapt Tyrus’ football analogy, the game does not carry on until the penalty has been marked off. As President Trump says, we’ll have to see what happens.


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