Who Killed Philip Haney?

Why is the FBI withholding information on the DHS whistleblower’s laptop and thumb drive?

In Amador County, California, on February 21, Philip Haney, author of  See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, was found dead from a single gunshot wound. News reports suggested suicide but the local sheriff found “this is not the case.” The death of Haney, 66, was a homicide, the unlawful killing of one person by another. The Amador County sheriff had no suspects but did find some clues.

Deputies recovered “numerous thumb drives and a laptop” from the crime scene, and “those items and numerous other pieces of evidence, were turned over to the FBI.” The sheriff “hopes to complete our review of the reports and compare the FBI’s analysis with what we have already collected and analyzed within a few weeks after receipt.”

That was on July 22, and a week after the November 3 election, nearly eight months after the homicide, the FBI “analysis” has not come to light. The lapse could be partly explained by early reporting on the homicide.  

“Haney’s controversial accusations that the Obama administration could have prevented terrorist attacks were polarizing among Americans,” Laura Hoy of CNN reported on February 23. As Hoy explained, “Haney’s death is likely to become political ammo for Republicans heading into the 2020 presidential elections.” Haney’s “death” did not become an election issue because key information failed to emerge from the FBI, which is becoming more like the Soviet KGB.

Soviet bosses showed the KGB a man and they found the crime. The FBI deployed the same method with General Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security advisor. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith altered a document saying that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was not a source for the CIA, even though he was. In similar style, former FBI director James Comey, FBI counterintelligence boss Peter Strzok, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were all participants in illegal covert operations against candidate and President Trump.

The KGB also conducted “wet” operations, code for assassination and murder. Those who doubt the FBI could do likewise might consider the case of Randy Weaver, smeared as a “white separatist” and entrapped on bogus charges. 

After a gun battle that claimed the life of Weaver’s son and a U.S. Marshal, the FBI deployed massive military force against a single family. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Randy’s wife Vicki through the head as she held her infant daughter. Snipers are trained carefully to “acquire” their targets, so the claim that the killing was accidental is hard to accept.

Horiuchi faced charges and enjoyed the services of a government lawyer. Even so, William Barr, now U.S. attorney general, organized former attorneys general to support the FBI sniper, and assisted in legal arguments in favor of the FBI. Appeal court judge Alex Kozinski, by contrast, said the FBI had established “a 007 standard for the use of deadly force.” In other words, a license to kill.

Haney’s friends and relatives have a right to wonder if the FBI had some role beyond the withholding of evidence until after the November election. No official probe has been announced, but the FBI provides ample grounds for suspicion. 

Current FBI boss Christopher Wray objected to the term “spying” for the operations against candidate and President Trump. Wray has remained quiet as the Antifa-BLM axis burned buildings, looted property, and murdered police officers such as David Dorn.

James Comey, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, despite a mountain of evidence against them, have all escaped prosecution. By contrast, the DOJ dropped the case against Gen. Michael Flynn but judge Emmet Sullivan appointed himself a prosecutor and keeps Flynn in legal jeopardy after the November 3 election.

Hillary Clinton launched the Russia hoax and former FBI boss Robert Mueller headed an inquisition that found no evidence of collusion. The whole thing was bogus but none of the partisan Democrats on “special counsel” Mueller’s squad have faced any consequences. At this writing, the only casualty of John Durham’s investigation has been Kevin Clinesmith.

The FBI lawyer-forger pleaded guilty in August but his sentence was set for December 10, well past the November election. His crime could draw five years but according to The Hill, Clinesmith is expected to receive a sentence “between zero and six months.” If anybody thought it would be zero, it would be hard to blame them. The rule of law seems to have disappeared, as  other realities become clearer by the day.

The previous president, according to biographer David Garrow a “composite character” formerly known as Barry Soetoro, transformed the FBI into a veritable American KGB. In the current correlation of forces, the FBI aligns squarely with the deep state-Democrat-media axis. That could have deadly consequences as the axis powers maximize the contradictions. In the meantime, serious questions linger on.

Who killed DHS whistleblower Philip Haney? Does the mighty FBI have any leads or suspects? Who would benefit from the murder of Philip Haney? What was on Haney’s laptop and thumb drive? As President Trump says, we’ll have to see what happens.


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