Faucianity: Have Yourself a Very COVID Christmas


Today is Christmas.

It is, though, a very different sort of Christmas.

Nine months after the world spun off of its axis and the COVID Internment of America (and much of the world) began, Doctor-In-Chief Anthony Fauci has made his pronouncement as to how Americans are to celebrate this holiday.

In a word, they aren’t.

Fauci the Infallible, the ever-unimpeachable Fauci, the Good Doctor par excellence has spoken.

Fauci refuses to see his family this Christmas—and so too should you.

What should you to say to those of your loved ones who remain so selfish, so benighted, as to prefer to spend time with you in person, rather than virtually, or not at all, during Christmas?  Dr. Fauci prescribes offering your friends and family members some perspective.  And Fauci even goes so far as to tell you exactly what you should say:

You try to explain: You’re going to have many more Christmases ahead of you.   You’ve enjoyed many more Christmases before.  Maybe this is a time to just say, ‘This is an unusual situation, it’s not going to last forever, it is highly likely that with vaccines being distributed, that we will be back to normal by next Christmas.’ So make the choice and keep yourself and your family healthy so that you’ll have many more Christmases ahead of you.

You’ve got that? 

The Christmas season is the Season, the moment at which the darkness begins to give way to the Light.  Commemorating as it does the Birth of all births, God’s assumption of flesh in the Person of Christ, the Incarnation of the Good, the True, the Beautiful, and the Just, it is the ultimate occasion for us to take heart, to be strong, courageous, and hopeful. 

And yet America’s celebrity doctor extraordinaire tells us that we must, in effect, cancel all celebrations of this most glorious of all events. 

To be certain, Dr. Fauci is a sick, a profoundly sick man.   

That he is a vicious man, in the sense of being ridden with vice, should by now be glaringly obvious.  However, these character weaknesses—his dishonesty, as pathological as both his arrogance and self-centeredness, his lust for ever-greater accumulations of power and celebrity-status—appear to have corrupted his psyche, for only a genuinely ill human being, a person desperately in need of a doctor, could think that there is anything remotely healthy about a society of the kind that Fauci has done his best to bring to fruition over the span of these last nine months.

Nor can my characterization of Fauci be dismissed as a crude ad hominem attack. There is an argument at my disposal.  Follow:

That as many as 90% (and possibly as high as 93%) of these new COVID cases aren’t COVID cases at all but false-positive results delivered courtesy of a PCR test that the CDC is advising be administered at a threshold of cycles that all but guarantees its uselessness is a fact that has been underscored by countless scientists, including those scientists favorably interviewed by The New York Times and, in a rare moment of candor, none other than Anthony Fauci himself!  (For other articles by scientists demonstrating the alarming false-positive rate for the PCR test, see here, here, here, here, and here).

And as anyone who knows anything at all about viruses can attest, “case numbers” is a notoriously abysmal benchmark—even when, as happens with respect to non-COVID-related viruses, the tests used can reliably determine when infections have occurred: Whether a person has been infected by a virus is an entirely separate question as to whether the person is sick, or will become sick, much less die.

Be that as it may, even as Fauci’s gushing admirers (and apologists) in Big Media wax hysterical over the rising number of COVID “cases,” and even when, as they are once more beginning to do (in order to give the populace one more massive injection of fear in order to prime it for the impending vaccine injections), they go on about the 300,000 or so Americans to have (allegedly) died from COVID, most telling is what they do not say:

They never report on the COVID mortality rate.  This is undoubtedly due to the fact that even according to the official (and bogus) fatality figure, COVID has a mortality rate of slightly less than one-tenth of one percent—that of seasonal influenza. 

It’s hard to convince people that the Plague is sweeping through the land with a figure like that.

They never remind us that, according to the CDC’s own admission, the overwhelming majority of people claimed to have died from COVID—about 95%--didn’t die from COVID at all, but with it, as the multiple preconditions from which they suffered were either contributory or primary causal factors of death (a fact that the CDC’s most recent table of deaths underscores as it discloses how COVID is almost always combined with pneumonia and influenza). 

Self-styled Big Tech and Big Media “fact-checkers” would have us think that our eyes are lying to us once again and that the preexisting conditions from which 95% of “COVID” patients were already dying were ultimately irrelevant and that as long as COVID was detected, or assumed to have been present, then 100% of patients to have died with COVID died from it, and from it alone.  

Whatever.  That this is patent propagandistic nonsense is proven readily enough. 

Experts within the governments of countries around the world (here, here), including within the United States (here, here), have repeatedly revealed that COVID deaths have been wildly inflated as those who die principally from other causes while having contracted COVID courtesy of their weakened immune systems are nevertheless listed as having died from COVID.

Moreover, as researchers at John Hopkins University recently shared (in an article that was retracted, but not because of any challenges to a single syllable of its contents—there were no such challenges—but because of its documentable discovery), notwithstanding all of the Faucian panic throughout Big Government and Big Media, the number of overall deaths this year is continuous with preceding years.

In an attempt to resolve their cognitive dissonance and the mystery as to how the reality can be so squarely at odds with the Matrix concocted by the Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment (GAME) complex, the researchers found that while COVID deaths have increased in 2020 (from zero in years past), deaths in all other categories have proportionately decreased

Their conclusion is axiomatic to anyone with an IQ above room temperature:

Deaths from heart disease, other respiratory illnesses, influenza, and pneumonia have been listed as COVID deaths.

To repeat, Fauci is sick.  That he knows the truth but consistently denies it doesn’t change the fact that he is demented, for only a demented individual, knowing the immense influence that he’s acquired, can continue to foster the paralyzing fear that Fauci has been so instrumental in igniting in the first place.  

Only a twisted person, a person in need of real psychological help, can say the kinds of things that Fauci says while evidently thinking that there isn’t anything in the least problematic or unhealthy about the kind of society into which the Interned States of America has been transformed over the last nine months.

But if Fauci is sick, how much sicker are his disciples, the tens of millions (or more) of Americans who cling to his every word, who have eagerly adopted all of the Orwellian, dystopian Newspeak and Social Distancing sacramental rituals of the Church of Faucianity?

“Faucianity” is indeed an apt label for the religious-like fervor and devotion with which those who have unfailingly turned to him throughout this unprecedented power-grab follow his instruction, whether it is mediated through their governors and media propagandists or issued straight from Fauci’s mouth itself.  

Faucians, including, sadly, all too many who insist that they are Christian, have chosen this Christmas, and they have chosen the word of Fauci against celebrating the Word’s Birthday.


What these Christians-turned-Faucians apparently haven’t yet realized is that in making their Faucian bargain, they have made a Faustian bargain.  


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