Biden - and Loonie Bin Central

Where inmates are running the asylum.

Democrats have been drifting toward psychosis for years. With Biden, they have officially arrived.

Psychotics live in an alternate reality – one impervious to facts and reason. For them, the world is not as it is, but as they want it to be, or, as they are convinced it must be to conform to their fantasies.

The condition of most psychotics can be controlled with medication.  Political psychosis is far more dangerous and at times deadly – think of Hitler and Stalin. Wielding political power, they can force the rest of us to affirm their delusions or suffer the consequences.

The agenda of the Biden regime isn’t just wrong; it is massively contradicted by reality. The dogma they’ve embraced makes them impervious to the real world.

White Supremacy is a threat to national security.

Biden’s newly-named Secretary of Defense has issued a stand-down order to give the military an opportunity to decide how to deal with “extremism” in its ranks – not jihadist-style terrorism or Antifa/BLM subversives, who turned sections of dozens of cities into barbecue pits last year.

No, for them the real internal threat is the MAGA movement, which Democrats are convinced is inherently racist and totalitarian.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby called the “siege” of the U.S. Capitol (which he said included “current and former members of the military”) “a wake-up call.”  Texas Gov. Greg Abbot wonders if loyalty oaths will now be required of service members – not pledges of loyalty to America, mind you, but to the dogma which dominates the Democratic Party.

Prior to the inauguration, the AP identified “supporters of Donald Trump,” “far-right militants, white supremacists and other radical groups” as threats to the orderly transfer of power. (Ayn Rand used to call this the “broad-brush smear.”)

Upwards of 20,000 troops were in DC to safeguard the coronation of the Emperor Biden. By all accounts, 7,000 will be in place through February. Democrat governors who cringed at deploying National Guardsmen to put down riots in their cities, were eager to send them to Washington to militarize the nation’s capital against a non-existent threat.

Defund the Police

With crime rates soaring across the country – homicides up 45% in New York City, shootings up 97% -- Democrat mayors thought it was the perfect time to slash police budgets to show their solidarity with Black Lives Matter by putting black lives in jeopardy.

De Blasio axed $1 billion from the NYPD budget. Minneapolis, Portland and Los Angeles are among the bastions of loony tune-ocracy that are marching toward the cliff.

In the left’s twisted worldview, criminals, gang members and armed anarchists aren’t the threat to law and order but police themselves, who are said to be inherently racist.

Of course, our lords political won’t suffer from this insanity, unlike inner-city residents their party claims to care about so much. Last year, Chicago Mayor Lorie Lightweight deployed 140 cops to enforce the rule of law around her home.

Open Borders

In his first week in office, Feckless Joe signed three executive orders to open the border to “non-citizens” – as he euphemistically calls them – rolling back Trump’s zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration. They include stopping construction of the border wall (razor wire around the Capitol is good, barriers on our border are evil), moving away from the policy that kept so-called asylum seekers in Mexico and bringing back catch-and-release.

Former Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan observes, “Within two weeks of this new administration, our borders are less secure, our country is less secure, and the mission of our frontline personnel has become more dangerous.”

Against all logic, Biden and company decided an economic downturn and a pandemic, with government budgets strained to the breaking point, would be an ideal time to import tens of thousands of unskilled workers. (Most births in Los Angeles hospitals are to illegals.)

Even before Biden assumed office, the word went out that the gates to the promised land would once again swing wide open. USA Today reported that between October and December of 2020, there was a 120% increase in unaccompanied minors arriving at our border with Mexico. Instead of wagons west, it’s caravans north.


The idea that gender is so fluid that a man can become a woman is so absurd that only a deep-thinker on the left could possibly give it credence. But, under Biden, transgenderism is now the new frontier of inclusion.

Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Education is a culture warrior nonpareil. At his nomination hearing, Sen. Rand Paul nearly blew a gasket when Miguel Cardona said that allowing boys who think they’re girls (with their superior strength and speed) to compete in girls’ athletics was “respecting the rights of all students” -- by destroying women’s sports.

On another front, the president who thinks he’s a man signed an executive order lifting Trump’s ban on so-called transgenders serving in the military. “It’s both “the right thing to do” and “in the national interest,” President Joe proclaimed.

It’s in the national interest because there are Marines and Navy SEALS who are thrilled at the idea of going into battle with guys who’ll need to periodically stop to check their rouge and eyeliner.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, quite possibly the biggest kook in a party of whack jobs  – she thinks Ted Cruz is trying to kill her (don’t ask)-- wants a national truth commission. The New York Times demands that Biden appoint a Reality Czar. No, really.

True or false: An individual can switch sexes by wishful thinking? The biggest threat to our security isn’t ISIS sleeper cells or bomb -throwing anarchists but people who think Trump won the last election? Putting the police in a choke -hold and open borders will make us safer?

If you answered true to the foregoing, you’re qualified to serve in the Biden administration.

During the anti-Vietnam riots of the Sixties, Li’l Abner creator Al Capp, a Jewish liberal pushed to the right by the Campus Cong, used to say, “The inmates are running the asylum.”

With Biden in office, the White House is Loony Bin Central.


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