The Democrat 'Deprogramming' Myth and the 7 Truths

How social reprogramming uses wokeness as a cover.

Democrats, members of the mainstream media, and Big Tech are elevating their rhetoric about conservative political opponents to disquieting levels. The infamous Katie Couric, queen of television news flatulence and the first X chromosome to anchor CBS News, was the first among many progressives to call for “deprogramming“ conservatives. Despite her baby-boomer status and illiberal education during and after college, she was caught using the malapropism “deprogramming,” signaling a new effort to change conservative minds. 

Nikole Hannah-Jones, progressive propagandist extraordinaire, media darling, and inventor of the now-censured 1619 Project, has since followed Couric’s call for deprogramming of Trump supporters. This sounds not unlike re-education camps of brutal dictatorships, most recently the Chinese Communist Party’s for its Uighur minority.

Since these truth-telling pundits are all in for altering conservatives’ ideological mindset, the correct word according to Webster’s unabridged dictionary is reprogramming -- "to rewrite or revise or write a new program for.” An analogous and equally idiotic malapropism would be “deengineer” rather that reengineer something. In essence, deprogramming stands for taking away ALL the extant programming and leaving nothing—a blank slate. A Google search of the term deprogramming reveals nearly 1.5 million citations. Democrat geniuses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and U.S. Senate majority-of-one are all in for deprogramming Republicans. We believe that Murphy’s Third Law is apt here: "it’s impossible to make things foolproof because fools (such as Katie and the litany of leftists who have chimed in after her) are so ingenious!”

WebMD indicates that people diagnosed with a syndrome called catatonia, a condition that may coincide with schizophrenia, some forms of depression, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric disorders in which a person’s body becomes rigid and cannot be moved are often prescribed electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In reality, Progressive politicians are recommending this sort of treatment for conservatives. As the prison guard in Cool Hand Luke told a passed out and beaten Paul Newman, “You run one time, you got yourself a set of chains. You run twice you got yourself two sets. You ain't gonna need no third set, 'cause you gonna get your mind right.”

Progressives think so much of their conservative citizens that they will use any means of getting our minds right and forcing us to respect and support Medicare for all, open borders, reentering combat in Afghanistan and the Middle East, mandatory mail-in voting for every election, making D.C. and Puerto Rico new states, reengaging the Iran Nuclear Deal, a $15 minimum wage, reinitiating huge budget deficits via costly social welfare programs like the new $1800 stimulus check for a wide swath of Americans, particularly those in their late teens and 20’s who believe living off the government rather than getting a job is glorious.

Ted Roosevelt Malloch warns about the new Progressive truths toward which all conservatives must be reprogrammed.“They (Progressives) would send us away to gulags and reeducation camps to completely rid us and ergo, the rest of the now woke country, of our belief.” This means we cannot be essential unless we learn a panoply of the right facts, rules and truths and pass the Kouric Wokeness Test to become worthwhile human beings. Cheating, lying and stealing is preferred to that American greatness garbage, so long as it promotes the Left New Truths presented below.

New Truth #1: Reprogramming is just, equitable and will lead you out of your current state of deplorability to leftist enlightenment.

New Truth #2: Forget what you have learned in the past; there are new truths to learn and old lies to be exchanged. For example, there is an infinite number of genders which have equal rights if they survive the nine-month abortive selection period. Life begins when the Woke Ones say it does. 

New Truth #3: There are no self-evident truths. This was a little confusing, but it means the people in charge (woke Goddesses from our Government like bartender and sometimes House member Sandy Ocasio from Westchester) will sort out for us what truths are actually true and what truths are blatant lies. We no longer need to worry about our rights, because individual rights are a thing of the  past; we have only our new duties, which are collectivist.

New Truth #4: The United States really doesn’t exist anymore but is part of the Great Reset. We are now citizens of the Planet…or at least of Davos and must protect ze because there is absolutely no Mother or Father Earth. We also will learn all about how the use of fossil fuel nearly killed all of us and how we cannot eat at McDonald’s because of earth-warming cow flatulence. 

New Truth #5:  We won’t need any money, at least cash. The more we follow the rules and the more woke we are, the more things we will get. The woke won’t go broke.

New Truth #6:   There are no Republicans anymore; forget about the individual freedoms we thought we loved so much. A woke Republican is an oxymoron. The Democrat party has deemed Republicans nonessential morons but the woke will forgive your political transgression once you glibly pledge loyalty to Socialism post-reprogramming. 

New Truth #7:  There are no illegal aliens living in our country. Saying so is a desecration of personhood. These pre-citizens of the new Davos world must first subscribe to the compliant freedoms of the New Truths. They can even cut in line on that path to citizenship. 

It seems there will be a limitless stream of manufactured Truths that will be gestated to promote the Socialist reprogramming narrative. Wokeness will be their cover, justice will be their theme, Freedom will be their victim. Mahatma Gandhi said it best:” Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” The salient question now thrust upon us is...whose truth and will we be reprogrammed to believe it?


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