Did the Dems Have a Plan for the 2020 Election - Back in 2016?

A reflection on what the Democrats did for Hillary in the 2016 primaries.

Buried underneath the reams of data, statistical analysis and affidavits that put the Democrats' win in the recent presidential election in serious question, lies one salient fact:

The Democrats planned to rig that election regardless of whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton won in 2016, because the Democrats were rigging the 2016 primaries for Clinton.

Project Veritas revealed the Democrats' scam that year in a two-part video series, "Rigging the Election." The series not only shows how paid agitators attempted to disrupt Trump's campaign, as FrontPage Magazine reported in "Capturing the False Flag." It uncovers schemes to register ineligible voters and transport non-residents into neighboring states to vote.

All this took place with the full knowledge and consent of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton herself.

Though Project Veritas conducted its undercover investigation five years ago, the information is more than relevant today -- especially given Joe Biden's fraudulent status as President.

Scott Foval, a regional coordinator for People For the American Way and the owner of his own consulting firm at the time, admitted the DNC's complicity in the 2016 rigging.

"We are contracted directly with the DNC and the campaign," Foval said. "The campaign pays the DNC, the DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group and the Foval Group executes the (excrement) on the ground."

Bob Creamer, the founder of Democracy Partners -- a consulting agency with extensive links to Clinton and members of former President Barack Obama's administration -- confirmed Clinton's direct involvement.

"Hillary knows through the chain of command what's going on," Creamer said. "The campaign is fully in it."

Given that fact, and given Biden's relationship with Obama, the Democrats likely executed the same strategy in 2020.

In the scheme discussed in the series' second part, Clinton's campaign would send residents from one state to vote in another. Poll canvassers in the second state, unaware of the subterfuge, would compile addresses that the campaign's operatives in the first state would receive and distribute. But the ineligible voters had to arrive without arousing suspicion.

As he discussed the plan, Foval revealed his intricate thought process in devising such a ruse.

"When I do this, I think like an investigator first," Foval said. "I used to do the investigating. If a major investigation of major vote fraud came up, how would they prove it and who would they charge? Are they going to charge each individual with voter fraud? Or are they going to go after the facilitator of the conspiracy, which they could prove?

"I think backwards from how they would prosecute, if they could, and then try to build out the method to avoid that."

For this scheme, the ineligible voters would drive cars instead of ride buses.

"You can prove conspiracy if there's a bus," Foval said. "If there are cars, it's much harder to prove."

As part of this scheme, an undercover reporter posing as a donor contacted Creamer with an idea: The donor could hire Latinos as day laborers and issue paychecks. The pay stubs and driver's licenses would serve as identification so the Latinos could vote -- regardless of whether they were citizens.

"We'll help you do this," Creamer said. "This is very important. Turnout is huge, huge, huge.

"I'm not suggesting we wait around. We need to start this (excrement) right away, on all these fronts." (emphasis in audio)

The fraudulent voters then could drive their own cars or receive money from the campaign to buy them from an auction house, which would have made arrangements through the campaign to list the cars as belonging to non-existent businesses.

"You use shell companies," Foval said. "If the car is owned by a third entity, then it's much harder to prove that these people drove in from out of state.

"Cars come from one company; the paychecks come from another. There's no bus involved so you can't prove conspiracy. It doesn't tip people off."

The scheme reached Cesar Vargas, the co-founder of the Dream Action Coalition and an illegal immigrant.

"Count me in," Vargas said to an undercover reporter posing as a campaign intermediary, who then asked him, "Because, you know, technically, this is voter fraud."

"Absolutely, absolutely," Vargas replied.

Foval saw the scheme's potential beyond the primaries.

"I think you should do it for the general (election)," he said. "You implement the plan on a much bigger scale. You implement a massive change in the state legislatures and in Congress. So you aim higher for your goals and you implement it across every Republican-held state."

Vargas mentioned the possibility of combining the ruse with alleging voter intimidation to solidify the Democrats' fraudulent base for future elections.

"Let's see who the next President is," Vargas said. "If it's Donald Trump, it makes even more sense. The issue will be more credible and we'd have much more opportunity to jump in on this.

"If it's Sec. Clinton, and the voting IDs are loosening, and we have much more opportunity for people to vote, and we have immigration reform, it's not going to be as significant, right?"

Vargas' approach coincides with a series of tweets posted before last year's Presidential election from someone who calls himself "Johnheretohelp" and lists himself as a candidate for one of Maryland's two Senate seats next year (Misspellings and punctuation have been corrected where appropriate):

"I'm hearing some disturbing things now. The Dems/DS intend to 'take' the election. They know they can't win. They know the vast public opinion is against them. So they intend to just take it, claim they won. (Note: "DS" means "deep state")

"They do not have access like they did when Obama was in power. Their control over the fraudulent voting mechanisms, satellites, rigged voting machines, mail in voting, etc. Is much less than in 2016/18. Pres. Trump is doing a great job at cutting off their schemes.

"So they intend to just 'take the election.'

“On Election Day and night, their comrades in the mainstream media are going to report that they won. They are just going to flat-out report incorrect numbers to solidify in everyone's mind that the Dems won.

“They will use every means of illegal voting scams to back this up. They intend to intimidate and destroy Republican votes anywhere they possibly can. They want to rush their 'newly elected' people into office with very fast local swearing in ceremonies. Just like Obama's BS 'office of the president elect' stunt. They will officially not acknowledge any results that doesn't (sic) benefit them and challenge anything else they can.

(Note: Biden formed his own "Office of the President-Elect" and took his oath of office before noon on Jan. 20).

“And they will support and encourage (rioting) as a means to enforce their newly elected officials. They also intend to declare the presidential election for themselves, with the MSM backing it up on every channel 24/7. And they will lead a massive march, protest, riot to the White House to remove President Trump.

“The MSM will not allow President Trump any air time and will block everything possible from being communicated from the rightful president.

“The riots have quieted down right now but that is by design. Untold millions are flowing into these groups and they are stockpiling right now. Round two is coming, bigger, more violent, more focused, and able to hold out for months.

“They are being directed and supported by hostile foreign governments and leftover Deep State players within our own government.

“They cannot win, they do not care about any of us or the country, they have shown how they welcome, promote and celebrate violence against us. They know that prosecutions are about to start and after another four years of President Trump's successes, they will be in prison and their party destroyed forever.

“They are fighting for their survival and the law does not apply to them.

“I've gotten this from several sources now. Supplies online, MRE, survival food, are being bought out, so they can last for months. It is extremely well-financed, well-planned and directed by hostile foreign and internal actors."

The date for that series of tweets? July 21.

Four years before planning the most obvious example of massive election fraud in American political history, the Democrats and their operatives unwittingly incriminated themselves. Or, as Foval said:

"It doesn't matter what the (fornicating) legal and ethics people say. We need to win this (maternal fornicator)."


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