Kooks Like Marjorie Taylor Greene Sabotage Our Fight Against the Left

Why Republicans should expel her -- and make it clear that the Dems are the party of the nuts and the bigots.

The two to four years ahead are going to be the toughest in American history.

The Democrats have taken over the White House and Congress. They’re opening the borders, preparing to impose amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens, then they’re planning to permanently rig the Senate by adding Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as states. And then they’re going to pack the Supreme Court and federalize elections to rig all future races.

Those aren’t conspiracy theories. The Democrats are open about their plans.

Conservatives are going to have to fight as hard as they can to stop that agenda. And that means we can’t afford any distractions.

2020 had one hard lesson to teach us. If we’re not laser-focused on fighting what the Left is doing in plain sight, we’re going to lose. The kooks, nuts, bigots, and crazies have to go.

The Democrats want a distraction. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is their biggest distraction.

Instead of talking about Biden’s barrage of unconstitutional executive orders, about his radical appointees, and about what Schumer and Pelosi are plotting to do with our country, we’re talking about Greene’s kooky idea that Jewish space lasers are starting forest fires.

Or we’re discussing her 9/11 Truther nonsense or her school shooting conspiracy theories.

Greene’s laser nonsense has been condemned by conservative Jewish groups from the Coalition for Jewish Values to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Her presence in the Republican Party undermines our fight against Democrat leftist antisemitic racists like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The Democrat Party is the party for anti-Semitic kooks. It's the party for nuts who think Bush flew the planes into the World Trade Center and that kids murdered in schools by violent thugs were really actors. We don’t need this garbage and right now we can’t afford the distraction.

People like Greene, the 'Shaman' who now wants to testify at the Democrat impeachment farce against President Trump, and the rest of the gang keep playing into the hands of the Left.

Maybe that's an accident or maybe that's on purpose.

It doesn't really matter.

We know what the threat is. It’s the Left.

Anyone who distracts us from fighting the Left is playing into its hands.

We don’t need antisemitic kooks in this movement. And we don’t need crazies who think the X-Files are real. What we need is to take the fight to the Left by exposing their agenda.

And we can’t do that when guys in horned helmets and girls in tin foil hats are running amuck.

Voters have the right to elect Marjorie Taylor Greene. Republicans don’t need to be stuck with her. The sooner she’s out of the party, the sooner she becomes a problem for the Democrats.

And the sooner we can focus on fighting the Left instead of discussing Jewish space lasers.

Republicans should expel Marjorie Taylor Greene and make it clear that the Democrats are the party of the nuts and the bigots. Republicans are the party of all Americans fighting the Left.


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