The Re-Election of London's Sadiq Khan

A city screams out in pain.

In a little under three months, Sadiq Khan will be re-elected Mayor of London.

It is not guaranteed, of course. Londoners will head to the polls on May 6 to cast their votes in local elections, both for the office of Mayor of London and for members of the Greater London Assembly, a body designed to scrutinize the office.

But it feels horribly like a forgone conclusion.

The Conservatives are putting up about as much fight as Switzerland. Their candidate, Shaun Bailey, feels like a token effort, put up to tick the box but not expected to achieve much.

Others are making a bolder effort. Brian Rose from London Real has acquired a blazing black and red bus bearing his name and is valiantly touring the 32 London boroughs in his attempt to get elected, but faces impossible odds. As I know from personal experience, campaigning alone is hard. The fastest way to learn about the power of the party is to try to run without one. Brian is up against the might of the Labour Party and its vice-like grip on the levers of power in this city.

It is exasperating. Because of Labour and Union support, and Muslim majority in inner city London, it is impossible to still the wrecking ball that is Khan.

London is unrecognizable from the city many Americans once knew and loved. It is screaming out in pain, like a stuck creature desperate to be put out of its misery. This week there were 14 stabbings in one 24-hour period, leaving two dead in the street where they were cut down. And not a word was heard from the gilded cage of the London Mayor.

Stabbings are so often gang-related, confined to certain zip codes and certain segments of the population (young, black, living in sink estates), that it is easy for the Mayor to turn a blind eye.

It is the reason British natives are fleeing the capital in their droves. Burglaries and assaults are so commonplace as not to merit an officer in attendance, while the opportunity to do some politically-correct policing has the boys in blue falling over themselves to be seen. When diversity is the end goal, all else is lost along the way.

Sadiq Khan is also responsible for the monster that is Transport for London (TfL). His failings are catastrophic. TfL's debt has increased 30% since Mr. Khan became Mayor. That debt is now at a record high of £12bn; servicing that debt alone costs £402m a year.

Boris has called him out on it in the Commons:

The current Mayor of London effectively bankrupted TfL before coronavirus had even hit. Any expansion of the congestion charge or any other measure taken to improve the finances of TfL are entirely the responsibility of the bankrupt current Labour Mayor of London.

The bankrupt current Labour Mayor of London – and yet he is about to be re-elected without much of a fight.

The only other thing this pocket-sized pillock is responsible for is housing. Throwing up one- and two-bedroom apartments caters perfectly for the ever-transient masses of London perpetually on the move: the jobless, stateless and fatherless. But it does nothing to replace the solidity of traditional families wanting to invest in their bit of the city to make it better.

A vast population of illegals is given free roam in this city I used to know. When the Grenfell Tower went up in an unholy fireball of cladding and flesh, locals at the scene told me at least 200 never made it out — illegals, living outside of the system. They were invisible people who died invisible deaths.

Boris Johnson acknowledged this population for the very first time this week when he offered vaccinations to 1.3 million "undocumented" migrants living in London. Some taxpayers seemed surprised, as if the mass of illegals was not obvious to all. Supermarket bosses will tell you they estimate the true population of the UK to be around 80 million, not the 66 million the government prefers you to believe.

Khan is part of the problem. Despite his horrific record on crime, transport and housing he will be re-elected because he has secured his base with Muslim housing, Muslim policing and Muslim festivals in Trafalgar Square.

Cramming a densely packed Muslim population into his voting area made him electable. Facilitating that base extends his tenure. It is the same playbook used by Democrats in Minnesota. Minnesota is red at its heart. But when you cram enough Ilhan Omar supporters into the crack-stacks in Minneapolis, it will be forever blue on paper and in power — spending power.

Khan’s spending power does not benefit native Brits scrabbling about to make ends meet. He is positively Putinesque in his self-love, increasing spending on his private office by 34% to £6 million, and his PR budget for his self-promotion by 33%.

This is the reason I am standing to be a Greater London Assembly member to be one of the 25 individuals who scrutinise the Office of London Mayor. 

Not because I want to be in politics. Certainly not because I want to listen to dull meetings where bits of paper are pushed about and nothing gets done. But because it is no use complaining if you are not willing to take action. London is on life support and it needs a new Mayor to save it. Or at the very least, a body willing to try and stop its managed decline. I fear another term of Sadiq Khan will mean the last working-class Londoners will leave the city, and will turn off its life support switch on their way out of door.


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