Meghan the Martyr

How the Left created the Cult of Victimhood.

Only in America, as Yogi Berra would say, could a duchess who’s worth a cool $50 mill (give or take), lives in a 18,671-sq.-ft., $14.7 million mansion, travels the world on private jets lecturing the hoi polloi on over-consumption of fossil fuels, and whose every idiotic utterance is eagerly reported by the celeb media, still see herself a victim.

Meet Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, wife of Dumb Prince Harry, who has made victimhood her bling. In all of human history, no one has suffered like her, she told Oprah last week.

Britain’s royal family has been just beastly to her, she revealed. Her sister-in-law argued with her about the dress she wore to a wedding. (Shocking!) Her son wasn’t given a title to which he isn’t entitled. And an unnamed royal reportedly told Prince Hubby that he hoped little Archie wouldn’t turn out to be too dark. Meghan is mixed-race. When it comes to victimhood, there’s no card like the race card.

She was also bitterly disappointed that none of the royals leaped to her defense when she was cruelly attacked by the tabloids. (Apparently, she was told to sit quietly and stop being such a bloody nuisance.) Meghan actually had the chutzpah to compare herself to The Little Mermaid, who lost her voice to marry a prince (Aw!), but got it back in the end.

With his marriage to this beautiful malcontent airhead, Harry got to share in her victim status. He’s a caring bloke who, back in 2005, wore the uniform of Rommel’s Afrika Korps to a party. Sensitive though he is, until his goose-stepping photo hit the papers, he couldn’t imagine how Brits who lost loved ones during World War II – or Holocaust survivors – could possibly be offended by seeing this royal brat strutting his Aryan stuff.

Along with racial and gender victims, we now have royal victims. We are exploring the outer limits of victimhood.

We used to be proud of our independence, self-reliance and stoicism – stiff upper lip, as the Brits used to say. Now we’re proud of our suffering – real or imaginary. It used to be “We shall overcome.”  Now it’s “We shall wallow in self-pity.”

Victimhood is the left’s bread and butter. Progressives practically invented it.

Back in the 19th century, when folks saw suffering as a natural part of the human condition, Marx urged workers of the world to unite and cast off their chains.

Sadly, for the proletarian revolution, the proletariat refused to cooperate. They wanted higher wages and better working conditions to be sure, but not collective ownership and all of the other attributes of the totalitarian state. As Antonio Gramsci, the father of Cultural Marxism, noted, the workers were behaving like bourgeoise, bitterly clinging to family and faith.

So, for the past 100 years, the left has been on the lookout for a new proletariat – one which would eagerly embrace its victim status. What started with racial minorities, soon branched out to include woke women, criminals and, most recently, sexual minorities, so-called.

It’s all in the ruthless pursuit of power.

The left has organized and mobilized legions of victims ready to do its bidding. Vote for us and we’ll see that you get everything you deserve – and those who’ve victimized you get everything they deserve.

You, poor child, shall have quotas, reparations and a special day on which your pain is acknowledged. We’ll demolish statues and change the names of sports teams to affirm you.

All you need do is vote for your friends in the Democrat Party and all of this – and more – shall be yours. The left will also smear those who refuse to do homage to your sacred status as anti-you.

The past summer of urban anarchy is the apex of the victim culture, until new heights are scaled. Democrats have spent decades indoctrinating African Americans, telling them: Your poverty, crime rate and out of wedlock births are all due to white privilege, and have nothing to do with the failure of family formation in your community (absentee fathers) and the government schools inflicted on you.

The police are another tool of oppression, they were told. So, no justice, no peace. Defund the police, which will make urban life so much better. Blacks are the ultimate victims of the racial blame game.

#-Me-Tooers are another legion of the disaffected that Democrats deploy. They almost took down two Supreme Court nominees. That’s why it’s so hard for someone like Vice President Kamala Harris to maintain the feminist code of omerta over Governor Groper.

If it weren’t for the victim mindset, where would Democrats get votes? The old class-warfare, rich-bastards-aren’t-paying-their-fair-share ploy, isn’t working anymore.

That’s why Democrats work so hard to cultivate the victim culture. Think of what they can do with celebrity victims. Perhaps this summer it will be disgruntled duchesses rampaging in the streets to get their voices back.


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