The Truth About the Boulder Massacre

Will it be buried with the bodies?

In coverage of the March 22 Boulder, CO. supermarket massacre, The New York Times was true to form (All the News That’s Fit to Spin), reporting that “investigators were trying to determine what motivated a 21-year-old man” charged with 10 murders.

Whenever the establishment media tell you that the authorities are diligently searching for a motive in a mass shooting, it means there’s no shortage of clues that they don’t want to follow, to keep you from jumping to any logical conclusions.

In typical New York Times fashion, the newspaper devoted two paragraphs to the murder weapon (a “Ruger AR-556 semiautomatic pistol”), while avoiding any mention of Islam or jihad.

The story did include one tantalizing detail: that the suspect’s identity was “previously known to the FBI,” because it was “linked to another individual under investigation.” Readers were left to wonder -- linked to an individual being investigated for what? Linked in what way? Were they pen pals, bridge partners?

The media is portraying Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa (say, is that a Scandinavian name?) as a classic nut case. His brother describes him as “mentally ill,” “paranoid” and “anti-social.” He thought he was being followed and was prone to violence – none of which is in any way incompatible with Islamic terrorism. The typical jihadist isn’t warm, outgoing and full of bonhomie.

What they aren’t telling you:

  • Alissa is a refugee from Syria, one of the most anti-Semitic countries in a region notorious for Jew-hatred.
  • Online, he described himself as a faithful Muslim.
  • He believed Islamophobia is ubiquitous.
  • He thought America was a racist, Islamophobic country. If only we treated religion-of-peaceniks as well as Christians are treated in Muslim countries. LOL.
  • He despised Donald Trump.
  • He drove 32 miles from his home in Arvada to a supermarket in Boulder for his shooting spree.
  • The market where the murders took place (King Soopers) is part of a chain that advertises a large selection of kosher food.
  • This particular market is favored by Boulder’s Jewish community.
  • It happened five days before the beginning of Passover.

Be assured that any anti-Semitic rants have been purged from his Face Book and Twitter accounts, which were taken down immediately after the murders.

Still, other than a synagogue (which, in many cases, are well-guarded, given the culture we’re in) what better place to go full-jihad than in a market with a wide array of kosher food, favored by local Jews, less than a week before Passover?

You can see why the MSM is downplaying any jihadist elements.

They were bitterly disappointed that, after the first 24 hours, they didn’t get to blame the horrific crime on an embittered white man with a gun -- probably an evangelical Trump supporter who was on a search and destroy mission for Asian masseuses.

Well before January 6, the left was pushing its white supremacist terrorism narrative.  The Capitol riot was a godsend for them.

The hand puppet Biden put in charge of the Department of Homeland Security says white supremacists (bitter-clingers? deplorables?) are “the most significant” threat to internal security – forget Antifa and Black Lives Matter and a hundred and one Muslim terrorist groups with arsenals supplied by the oil wealth of the Middle East. By all means, forget Biden’s open borders.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the “most significant terrorist threat facing the nation comes from lone offenders and small groups of individuals who commit acts of violence motivated by domestic extremist ideological beliefs.” Like believing the election was stolen? Like illegal aliens should not get COVID stimulus money? Like voter-ID laws.

Mayorkas assured us that this year states and localities will get to spend $77 million in DHS grants on “combatting domestic violent extremism.” Perhaps they’ll stake out American Legion posts or gun clubs.

At his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Merrick (thank God he didn’t make it to the Supreme Court) Garland pledged to make prosecuting the Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” his first priority. He warned that the U.S. is “facing a more dangerous period than we faced” after the Oklahoma City bombing, which then President Bill Clinton blamed on conservative talk radio.

This is all very convenient. It takes the heat off Islamism, the no-justice/no-peace crowd and the anarchists who burned down sections of 140 cities last summer.

Here’s a prediction: After a delay of several years, Alissa will be found not guilty by reason of insanity, and be confined to a mental institution for the rest of his life. That way, his real motivation will get buried – along with the Boulder bodies.


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