Why I Wrote This Book

'The Enemy Within' reveals how a totalitarian movement is destroying America.

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Fifty years ago I was a Marxist revolutionary editing the largest magazine of the New Left, and hell-bent on bringing the American Century to an end. About that time – the 1968 riot at the Democrat Convention would be the precise date – the anti-American left set out to destroy the liberal wing of the Democrat Party and transform it into a movement dedicated to destroying American democracy and establishing a one-party state. 

At that time, I was side by side with Huey Newton and the leaders of the Black Panther Party, who were regarded by leftists as “the vanguard of the Revolution,” and who were the forerunners of the Black Lives Matter Marxists of today. The Panthers had contempt for the civil rights movement and dismissed its leader as “Martin Luther Coon.” Today, King’s dream of a color-blind society is considered “racist” by Black Lives Matter and the Democrats. But it is their “identity politics” that is the true racism of today.

In February 1975, the Panthers murdered a woman whom I had recruited to keep the books of the Panther operations. The left blamed her death on “the white power structure.” Two months later, the left won its greatest victory, helping the Communists to win the war in Vietnam. There were no leftist protests when the Communists proceeded to slaughter two and a half million Indo-Chinese peasants. These events opened my eyes to the evils that anti-American radicals had made possible. That’s when I left their ranks.

In 1984, I cast my ballot for Ronald Reagan and never looked back. I created the David Horowitz Freedom Center to fight the left, and dedicated my writing to exposing what I and my writing partner called the Destructive Generation. In 1988, Bush campaign manager Lee Atwater made our book required reading for his staff. His disciple, Karl Rove did the same for the staff of the next Bush campaign in 2000.

I had become a dedicated defender of America and its freedoms because I knew first-hand the threat we were facing, I knew what was at stake if the American people didn’t take this threat as seriously as I did. We would lose our country. Forever.

That prospect is now before us. The Democrat Party has become a racist, anti-capitalist party, demonizing and de-platforming its political opponents with the help of network media and the Silicon tech lords; opposing all attempts to secure the integrity of the electoral system; promoting election fraud; opening borders to illegal immigrants whom they are confident will be Democrat voters; destroying industries; promoting policies that will bankrupt the nation; denouncing anyone who challenges their electoral malpractices as “armed insurrectionists” and “white supremacists.” All these goals have one explanation – their drive to create a one-party state.

I spent the last 6 months writing The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America to explain what has happened to the Democrat Party and the battle we are facing now: – how the Democrat Party has been infiltrated and taken over by the communist/fascist left; how it has become a racist party deploying its hatred as a political weapon to silence its opponents; how it has systematically attacked the constitutional foundations of the country by abusing the impeachment power, working to eliminate the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, censor its opponents and undermine the integrity of the electoral system. I have shown how its unwavering goal is the creation of a one-party state; how its chief political weapon is to demonize its opponents by slandering them as “white supremacists” and worse; how its attacks on white America are really attacks on America’s constitutional founding through the infamous “1619 Project.” How it is empowering black and white BLM Marxists, racists and violent criminals as its paramilitary contingent of domestic storm troopers.

I wrote The Enemy Within because I knew that if America stood a chance, Americans had to understand exactly how sinister and dangerous this anti-American movement actually is.

I wrote The Enemy Within because I was the enemy within — and I know in my bones what it will take to defeat them.

I wrote The Enemy Within because we’ve reached the point in our history where we either win these political battles or lose everything that makes us prosperous and free.


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