China Rising

The communist regime's plan to become the world's leading superpower.

Red China constantly rethinks how it will become the world's leading superpower, and plans accordingly. The Epoch Times has just published a detailed plan delivered in a speech in July, 2016, laying out how the People's Republic can overtake the United States as the world's leading nation. Professor Jin Canrong, from the School of International Studies in Beijing, explained how the PRC, following Xi Jinping's call for a national rejuvenation, could accomplish it.

The speech, kept secret until now, combined four elements: 1) weakening the United States by becoming increasingly involved in American affairs, and 2) infiltrating Chinese agents into the U.S. political system. The object would be to control the outcome of American elections. Jin calculated that it is possible to bring pro-Chinese candidates to power in House elections to ensure pro-Chinese policies. Although difficult, Professor Jin believed it was doable.

The speech made this explicit: "The Chinese Government wants to arrange Chinese investments in every single congressional district to control thousands of voters in each district..." This would give Beijing effective control of the House of Representatives. "If China has thousands of votes on hand, China will be the boss of the candidate."

The Chinese have long pursued control over American politics, and direct control over American corporations was one of the most obvious and attractive routes. Not only were such investments likely to be profitable, they were also a key step to putting Beijing in charge of the U.S. economy. Beijing and Washington worked for more than a decade to arrive at a Bilateral Investment Treaty, but failed to reach agreement. Trump then put an end to the process.

President Biden seems inclined to resume the search for such a treaty.

At the same time, China 3) increased its theft of advanced American technology. Professor Jin made it clear that Beijing had stolen technology for its J-20 fighter jet and DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile, and that illegal theft was the only way to accomplish it, since the United States did not sell such technology to China. Meanwhile, 4) the Beijing regime expanded its control over nearby real estate, such as by building artificial islands and constructing military outposts on them.

No doubt, the Chinese have paid a great deal of attention to DARPA, the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon's ambitious and highly successful research and development project. Although DARPA developed breakthrough technologies, the really important inventions were not what the agency set out to find. As David Goldman notes, virtually every technological breakthrough in the digital age started with a DARPA mission, and ended with an unimagined something totally unique. We were blessed with political leadership that challenged America across the board, with leaders such as Kennedy and Reagan. In Goldman's words, our political leaders gave us challenges that inspired Americans to create things and ideas that none of us had imagined before.

The Biden administration does not seem to be THAT sort of government. But then, Beijing isn't all that inspirational, either.


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