China Sticks it to a Prostrate America

Joe Biden puts the Communist regime in a triumphal mood.

Last month in Anchorage, Chinese diplomats Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi subjected Biden’s secretary of state Anthony Blinken and national security advisor Jake Sullivan to lengthy verbal barrage. For all its fury, China’s triumphalist rhetoric was only the sequel to an even deeper humiliation.

In February, China subjected U.S. diplomats in the PRC to “anal swab tests.” In this routine, a Chinese doctor sticks a swab two inches into the rectum and rotates it several times, an invasive procedure to say the least. Chinese Dr. Li Tongzeng claims the anal swab is a more effective test for Covid-19, but UCLA microbiology professor Omai Garner says the respiratory test is the “gold standard.”

Dr. Gary Procop, director of  molecular microbiology, virology, mycology and parasitology at the Cleveland Clinic, told Healthline that “at least one early study supports respiratory specimens as superior to the other end of the alimentary canal.” The American diplomats duly lodged a protest with China’s foreign ministry, which claimed the tests were done in error and later denied that China ever “asked” the U.S. diplomats to undergo the anal swab in the first place.

In similar style, the Chinese regime claims that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had nothing to do with the spread of Covid-19, even though the WIV received shipments of deadly viruses stolen from a lab in Canada. These included the Nipah virus, transmittable from animals to humans and also able to jump between humans.

The WIV conducts dangerous gain of function research, once banned in the United States, which makes viruses more deadly and transmittable. Even so, the United States funded the WIV through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases (NIAID), headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

For China the pandemic checked every box: facilitating voter fraud, wrecking the U.S. economy, and subjecting the American people to a regime of white coat supremacy under Fauci, uncritical of China and positively worshipful of  WHO boss Tedros. China now deploys the pandemic literally to ream out American diplomats with a humiliating anal test. What followed at Anchorage was essentially a sack dance and a taunt. 

“So let me say here that, in front of the Chinese side, the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength. The U.S. side was not even qualified to say such things even 20 years or 30 years back, because this is not the way to deal with the Chinese people.”

That was China’s Wang Yi to Blinken and Sullivan in Anchorage. For his part, Yang Jiechi told the Americans that  China was “firmly opposed to U.S. interference in China's internal affairs,” and “we hope that the United States will do better on human rights.” The United States, Yang Jiechi added, “has United States-style democracy. And China has Chinese-style democracy.”

Joe Biden echoed that claim in a February 17 interview with Anderson Cooper, citing “different norms that each country and they — their leaders — are expected to follow.” And Biden agrees with Xi Jinping that “there must be a united, tightly controlled China.”

In his March 25 press conference, Biden said “We are going to hold China accountable to follow the rules, whether it relates to the South China Sea or the North China Sea, or their agreement made on Taiwan, or a whole range of other things.” China has no reason to take Biden seriously.

Joe Biden is on record that the Chinese Communists are “not bad folks” and “not competition for us.” Biden’s financial entanglements with China through son Hunter are shunned as Russian disinformation and off limits to investigation by journalists and the FBI. The Democrat-media axis repeats Chinese propaganda that the United States is an intrinsically racist nation, and so are America’s democratic allies.

According to the People’s Daily, official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada form an “axis of white supremacy

that has formed “a US-centered, racist, and mafia-styled community, willfully and arrogantly provoking China and trying to consolidate their hegemony as all gangsters do.”

At Anchorage, according to China’s Global Times, the PRC team delivered “vigorous counterblows to condescending U.S. representatives,” accompanied by cartoons of a shattered Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands. By all indications, the regime is in full triumphal mode.

With Joe Biden signing off on China’s “norms,” the Communist regime can do whatever it wants with the Uighurs, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and the USA is fair game. China is a big promoter of vaccine passports, as Matthew Vadum explains, cover for data-driven authoritarianism that will “wash away what remains of the rule of law and the Constitution, and annihilate the American way of life.” With no apology to the late Jean-Francois Revel, this is how democracies perish.

To paraphrase Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski, this is what happens when the United States grants special privileges to a genocidal Communist dictatorship, demanding no democratic reforms or concessions in return. This is what happens when the addled Joe Biden and his handlers call the shots.


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