Naomi Wolf Video: Vaccine Passports Can Target Political Dissidents

"The good guys are the bad guys."

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Dr. Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon in the War Room podcast for an in-depth warning about vaccine passports, which she predicts will be the end of the West and lead to a full, social credit score system of control.

“It’s not science fiction,” she said. “It’s not some day in the future. It’s right now.”

Wolf warned the technology is being built in to track your every movements and link it with your livelihood.

“All of those functionalities can be switched on in the time it takes to tweet about it,” she said.

“I understand what the vaccine passports are,” Wolf said. “I understand what the lies are, what the administration is telling, and I know there is no going back from the vaccine passports.”

Vaccine passports will lead to no freedom of assembly, no right to worship, and “no more choices.”

Wolf, a former Democratic strategist, said this is not a right or left issue.

“I spent years thinking you were the devil,” Wolf told Stephen K. Bannon. “Now I’m so happy to have you in the trenches along with other people across political spectrums.”

“We have to drop those labels to fight for our constitutional freedoms,” she said.

In addition, Dr. Wolf said the “fatal flaws” in the PCR testing producing massive amounts of false positives, means the pandemic can be weaponized against political opponents.

“What is going to keep them from saying you are infectious?” she said. “Switching you off, you Steve Bannon, you Naomi Wolf, if you make too much noise.

“If you see a movie you shouldn’t see,” Wolf said. “If you say something you shouldn’t say on social media.”

“Nothing can prevent you from being shut off from society,” she said.

Wolf said her company Daily Clout is organizing protests against vaccine passports, and so far has gotten six states to protect the “five freedoms” to keep the dangerous technology out.

Check out the must-watch discussion below:


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