Preserving the Constitution Requires Election Integrity

And rejecting the dangerous engagement of corporate America into national politics.

Corporations and organizations are piling on against the new Georgia election law. It is difficult to understand the basis of their objections. One would probably be on safe ground to wonder if they had actually read the law before objecting to it.

The election legislation passed by the Georgia legislature has one major purpose – to protect the integrity of the election process in the State. Given that many unorthodox voting practices were allowed during the 2020 election because of the COVID pandemic, it would be more than prudent for every state to conduct a review of voting practices to assure election integrity. A democracy requires that elections be fair, honest and fully verifiable. Certainly, only legally registered voters should be permitted to cast ballots. Ballots should also be cast in an orderly, timely, legal and systematic manner to prevent cheating and fraud. When elections are properly conducted, results should be totally transparent and verifiable; should such procedures be absent, cheating and fraud can quickly become pervasive. If our Constitution is to survive, we must have elections that are completely honest and conducted in the most ethical and legal fashion. Clearly, there can be no multiple ballots cast by individuals, no voting by unregistered persons, no vote harvesting squads, no voting by non-residents of a state, no voting after clearly established deadlines, and no undue influences at polling sites.

The most relevant, and for progressive sensibilities, controversial provisions of Georgia’s SB202 -- The Election Integrity Act of 2021 -- are as follows:

  1. Voters will need some form of official ID. If a Georgia citizen does not already have one, he or she can request one from the state (low income citizens are not excluded since they must have a government-issued I.D. to cash their government checks).
  2. Absentee voting will be subject to specific rules, time guidelines and time requirements to assure legitimacy and authenticity of each absentee ballot.
  3. Early voting will have a defined time requirement.
  4. There will be strict provisions for counting, reporting and verifying ballot results.
  5. All persons or entities, other than the Secretary of State, election superintendents, boards of registrars, and absentee ballot clerks, that send unsolicited applications for absentee ballots to electors in a primary, election, or runoff shall mail such applications only to eligible registered electors who have not already requested, received, or voted an absentee ballot in the primary, election, or runoff election.

Of course, on cue from his progressive administration and MSM enablers, President Biden was quick to denounce Georgia’s new Election Integrity Act. Biden referenced the act as “Jim Crow” legislation. This was to be expected because no one “weaponizes race” like Biden. Robert L. Woodson has commented on Biden’s “weaponization of race” and the harmful affect it is having on American society, giving lie to his promise of unification. Saying “King’s words and actions glorified America by transfiguring its racial wound and revealing its redemptive promise. Yet today many black leaders have lost sight of King altogether and are aiding and abetting the crucifixion of their own people.”

Coca Cola’s denunciation of the legislation represents a dangerous engagement of corporate America into national politics. On April 11th, 100 business executives, towing the Woke party line, held a Zoom conference where they discussed ways to combat the new voting rules in Georgia. Not because any of them had actually read the new law carefully, but because they bowed to the ideological blackmail of progressive organizations, fearing their cancel culture threats.

As one of us has argued elsewhere, “In our cancel culture running rampant…there is reason for corporations to fear the Twitter mobs who rejoice in putting people, products and companies on the hot seat for allegedly 'racist,' exclusionary and other un-woke practices. As we have seen, the MSM indiscriminately promote and defend woke corporations in what they see as a war against freedom of conservative speech and ideology. They have zero tolerance if you don’t think and act in the way they advocate.”

On April 14th, hundreds of companies across the country backed a joint statement asserting objections to Georgia’s perceived restrictive voting laws. The manifesto which appeared as a two-page statement in the bastions of progressive journalism, New York Times and Washington Post, began, "We stand for democracy. A Government of the people, by the people. A beautifully American idea, but a reality denied to many for much of this nation's history. As Americans, we know that in our democracy we should not expect to agree on everything.” Perhaps, but as a republic that gives sway to states’ rights, we must respect each state’s right to formulate policy for the citizens who elected their representatives.

The imaginary affront was that Georgia’s law somehow was designed to prevent any eligible voter from having an equal or fair opportunity to cast a ballot. In fact, the legislation was explicitly crafted to ensure only real, registered voters could vote in Georgia elections. This would stop the election fraud that plagued the 2020 election with myriad documented cases as presented by the Lincoln Institute including: 66,247 underage persons being allowed to register illegally and then vote; 8,718 persons who were deceased but voted; absentee ballots being sent to 2,560 felons; 2,423 unregistered persons received ballots; 4,926 persons registered in another state after moving from Georgia; 1,043 persons registered using a P.O Box, not a legal residence; 15,700 persons who had filed a national change of address with the USPS as having relocated to another state prior to Election Day; and 40,279 persons who moved without reregistering/voting in their new county.” As comedian Ron White has said, “You can’t fix stupid”…but you can fix a broken election process, which is what Georgia did.

What Georgia’s new law prevents, far from restricting any eligible voter from having an equal or fair opportunity to vote, is voter fraud, plain and simple. Georgia’s new law should be a hallmark for all states to follow. But we know very well that habitually progressive states want wokeness to govern their election deception. We know from former district attorney and Kansas attorney general Phill Kline that as many as 288,000 prefilled 2020 ballots “disappeared” in Lancaster, Penn., after being shipped there via USPS from Bethpage, New York. USPS subcontract driver Jesse Morgan came forward as a whistleblower to explain that he hauled 24 pallets’ worth of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, where they vanished not long after that. Transporting prefilled ballots across state lines is a federal crime. Not only that, but other Postal Service workers say that other “widespread illegal efforts” were taken to influence the election in favor of Joe Biden. Our Democracy, and therefore our Constitution, can not long endure with such fraudulent and illegal conduct.

Enter the Democrat-dominant House of Representatives that is considering  H.R. 1/S.1 which cancels Election Day by mandating that states provide at least 10 days after Election Day for mail ballots to roll in for normal counting. As Ken Blackwell points out, “H.R.1 would nullify established state election laws and deadlines governing mail ballots. A majority of states including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and New Hampshire require that absentee ballots be received by Election Day."

The proper remedy to such actions by woke corporate executives is for shareholders to keep wokeness out of corporate public pronouncements. Nearly every Republican and many Democrats will vote against woke corporations with their feet and, when possible, their pocketbooks. Virtue signaling will result in increasing public disaffection and a switch to competitor’s products. It is immeasurably more important to many corporate customers to preserve our Republic through voting regulations that prevent fraud and abuse.

Misguided corporate woke dereliction of duty has caused these two Coke fans, and probably millions more, to switch to Pepsi and challenge of your market share. 


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