How Conservatives Have Failed to Expose Faucism

And what they must do now.

In what can only be described as a devastating takedown, Jim Jordan recently exposed Anthony Fauci for who and what he really is.

And that is what the late Karry Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Science and inventor of the very PCR test that is now regarded (erroneously) as “the gold standard” of COVID testing, once also called Fauci out for being: a fraud.

Jordan noted that those states with relaxed COVID restrictions, those that essentially told Fauci, Biden, and all architects of OPERATION FEAR to go pound sand, had dramatically lower COVID case numbers than those with mask mandates and other rigorous “Social Distancing” requirements.   

Shockingly—though not surprisingly—Fauci at first acted as if he was unaware of this reality. This in and of itself should be all of the proof in the world that Mullis’s estimation of America’s favorite celebrity doctor couldn’t have been more on point. Yet then Fauci further revealed his true agenda by hypothesizing, incredulously, that the seemingly paradoxical phenomenon to which Jordan alluded could be resolved by noting the distinction between the theoretical and the practical:

In Fauci's fantasy world: While the deep blue states—those that have adopted Faucism as their modus operandi—are officially lockdown states, unofficially they are nothing of the kind, for their residents have refused to observe restrictions. In contrast, while the red states have officially been anti-Faucist, in practice their residents have studiously taken it upon themselves to wear masks and subscribe to all “Social Distancing” rules of etiquette.

Translation of Fauci's fantasy world:

It is really New Yorkers, New Jerseyans, Pennsylvanians, Californians, and so forth who never took this COVID thing seriously; it is they who have conducted themselves “recklessly” and who are responsible for having prolonged “the Pandemic.” 

Conversely, it is the residents of Texas, Florida, South Dakota, and all of those Trump-friendly states—you know, those whom Faucists have been calling “COVID Deniers” since March of 2020—who have slowed the spread by bunkering down in their homes, wearing their masks, and remaining six feet apart from one another. 

Indeed: If only all of those Democrats in the Faucist states followed the lead of the anti-Faucists in the Republican states, we would have been out of this whole Pandemic thing in no time!

Blatantly contradicting, as it does, the Narrative that the Faucists have been perpetuating for the last year, Fauci’s attempt to recover from Jordan’s strike is laughable on its face. And Jordan deserves much credit for drawing Fauci’s and the nation’s attention to the indisputable facts.

Unlike Jordan, however, most Republicans have done little to undercut Faucism. Many, in fact, have facilitated the Lie. In so doing, they are no less responsible for the immeasurable harm of every kind that has befallen the citizens of this country, as well as those citizens of other countries who have suffered because America was made to suffer.

The facts that I have revealed in my numerous essays on COVID are available to all. They need only be sought out. It is to the eternal shame of many Republican politicians and conservative commentators that they haven’t been blasting these facts to the world at every turn. Instead, in order to appear as if they are a genuine opposition party, they simply blame China for having unleashed “the Virus” upon the planet, or something to this effect.

Bad move. And not an especially brave one either. 

The only thing that this line accomplishes is that it furthers the Lie, the apocalyptic fiction that, as President Trump used to say, SARS-CoV-2 is “the Plague.” This would be just plain silly if it didn’t feed into a tale that has had catastrophic effects for possibly billions of men, women, and children the world over.

Many Republicans and conservatives stand convicted for their failure to fight when their moment of truth arrived. The damage that has ensued as a result is done. Still, now they can at least try to redeem themselves by standing up. They can, they must, talk, and talk incessantly, about the following:

(1) SARS-CoV-2 appears never to have been isolated, purified, and extracted according to precisely that scientific method for isolating, purifying, and extracting bacteriophages and other “giant viruses” that has been established for decades (and here);

(2) SARS-CoV-2 has never been scientifically demonstrated to be the cause of what has been known as “COVID-19;”

(3) It was only in 2020 that the CDC, for the first time ever, decided to radically redefine a “case” to mean, not someone with a virus or disease that gets sick and is actually in need of medical attention, but, rather, anyone who either tests positive or is presumed to be positive (see also here). This switch, itself suspicious, obviously has the effect of inflating “case numbers” exponentially;

(4) That deaths in all other categories from which people die each year are dramatically down just in proportion to the rise in COVID deaths, and that there is no appreciable number of overall excess deaths relative to preceding years reveal that deaths from influenza, pneumonia, heart disease, and other respiratory illnesses have been reclassified as COVID deaths;

(5) The so-called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) “test” is not really a test at all but, rather, a procedure or technique that its own inventor (and vehement anti-Faucist), Karry Mullis, himself denied was meant to test for viral infection.  The PCR instead is a manufacturing technique meant to replicate and amplify DNA sequences; it is not a diagnostic tool;

(5) As such prestigious Faucist organs as the New York Times itself concedes—and as even Fauci himself concedes!—the sensitivity and the manner in which, per the CDC and the FDA, the PCR is routinely administered guarantees that it will produce, as it has in fact produced, an astronomical rate of false-positives.  It wouldn’t hurt for Republicans to as well note another New York Times article—from the pre-COVID era, naturally—detailing how reliance on the PCR can and has led to pseudo-epidemics (A prominent French researcher shows the worthlessness of the PCR here);

(6) Study after study that has depended upon not just one, but multiple randomized controlled trials (RCTs)—which, given the RCT’s power to curb the confirmation bias of researchers, is the gold standard of scientific research—have repeatedly demonstrated the ineffectiveness of masks when it comes to stopping the spread of both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere, and most recently, this paper that as well underscores the deleterious physiological and psychological ramifications of masks);

We could continue. The bottom line is that most Republican politicians and conservative commentators have dropped the ball. Bigly.

It is now time for them to go into overdrive exposing the truths obscured by what is one of the biggest and most destructive of Big Lies of our lifetime. 


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