Biden Youth Arise!

You have nothing to lose but your brains.

Editor’s note:  Frontpage has obtained a copy of what appears to be a recruiting document for Biden Youth, an organization to extend the Biden legacy. Frontpage believes Americans of all ages may find it of interest.

Biden Youth Arise!

Hi kids! – oops almost said “you guys,” which is no longer acceptable. Sorry about that. Anyway, all you millennials, and particularly those born in this century, put down those phones and listen up. The White House proudly announces Biden Youth, and as Joe likes to say, here’s the deal.

As you may know, Joe was born way back in 1942, during World War II, in which some of your ancestors may have served. Joe is 78, a year older than Ronald Reagan when he left office after two full terms. At 78,  it’s fair to say that Joe is pushing 80, and not exactly in the best shape of his life. The Delaware Democrat seeks to pass on some of the wisdom he has acquired in his long career, so Biden Youth can carry that experience into the future.

Joe believes that in America, land of the free, it’s okay to have your own opinions, but not when they are different from those of himself and the vice president. If your views are in any way different from Joe’s, you become a subversive, an extremist, and a potential domestic terrorist. Joe has ordered the FBI to go after those people, and you don’t want them coming after you.

So if you have ever harbored any opinion in any way at odds with the views of Joe Biden,  reject it and publicly renounce it. Take Joe’s views on China, for example.

You may have heard that China is a one-party Communist dictatorship that has occupied Tibet since the 1950s, murdered more than 60 million people in the 1960s and 70s, deploys tanks against peaceful protesters, keeps Muslims in concentration camps, enforces slave labor, harvests human organs, and so forth. That is all true, but Joe Biden says the Chinese are “not bad folks” and that should be your view too.

Whenever some domestic extremist says anything negative about China, just say the Chinese are not bad folks, and you know that to be true because Joe said it his own self. In this way, Biden Youth simplifies your life.

Joe did say that “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” but that was taken out of context. Forget what Joe said and reject any suggestion that the 2020 election was not free, fair, and without any irregularities whatsoever. Only domestic terrorists and violent extremists say things like that.

African Americans may harbor doubts about Joe because of his association with segregationists, his praise for Democrat Ku Klucker Robert Byrd, his anti-crime bill and so forth. All that means is that those Black people “ain’t Black,” as Joe helpfully pointed out during the campaign. In fact, that was why Joe Biden got more Black votes than Barack Obama, our first Black president. By voting for Joe Biden, Blacks could validate their Blackness. Joe knew that, and that’s why he said it.

As he said, Joe Biden is running for president in 2024, but after he serves a Second Glorious Term he will probably be done. So it’s important that members of Biden Youth run for public office. If you don’t know how to go about it, just plagiarize one of Joe’s speeches, as Joe did with Neil Kinnock.

Meanwhile, don’t worry about serving in the military as a credential for public office. Joe never served and look at the great career he had. He was even against taking out terrorists Osama bin Laden and Qassem Soleimani, and that never hurt him a bit. Neither did his supported for the transfer of billions of dollars, in cash to the Iranian regime that chants “Death to America!” Face it, the man can do know wrong.

Join Biden Youth today. Simply go to BidenYouth.Gov.Com and click “I agree” on the following propositions:

The 2020 election was a model of fairness.

Joe Biden is always right.

I will never hold any opinion at odds with those of Joe Biden.

Welcome to Biden Youth! Welcome to the Wave of the Future! Autographed portrait of Joe Biden will arrive by US Mail.

Copyright 2021, the Biden Bund. All rights reserved.

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