California Boycotts America

It doesn’t take much for California to boycott you.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

75 years ago, Winston Churchill warned that an iron curtain had descended over Europe. But a silicon curtain has been descending over California which is boycotting 100 million Americans.

The state lost a House seat for the first time while Florida gained a seat. California Democrats responded by adding Florida to a list of states that their army of government employees may not visit on government business. It’s not an honor unique to Florida. These days the People’s Republic of California is boycotting 17 states and keeps banning more states every year.

Californians can still go see Oklahoma, the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, but the state is on the banned list. (The musical, which has been accused of “unbearable whiteness” and (violent, homophobic racism” will probably soon be on the banned list.) Dorothy could travel from Kansas to Oz, but Hotel California’s government employees are banned from Kansas.

After 5 years, California is boycotting 103 million Americans across 1.2 million square miles.

Beyond Florida, California is boycotting Texas, the second largest state in the country, and which picked up two House seats. That’s because while California Democrats may be boycotting Texas, the state’s residents and some of its biggest companies are fleeing there.

Along with Texas, Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Democrats are also boycotting Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, both Carolinas and Dakotas, Tennessee, and West Virginia. American children may memorize lists of states while California State University students have a list of “banned states” to memorize that Democrats believe they shouldn’t visit.

In a touch of East Germany in the West, traveling can require filing a "Request for Approval of Travel to Prohibited States". California State University notes the “restrictions apply to all CSU employees, officers, or members, as well as non-employee travelers, including students.”

Escape From California is now a documentary.

California’s boycott of America began with Assembly Bill No. 1887 which was supposed to protect gay rights and the sacred right of grown men to shower with young girls. But, like most government legislation it quickly went off the rails. And considering that it started out more off the rails than California’s mostly imaginary but hideously expensive high-speed rail, that’s an accomplishment. Like most of the state’s current accomplishments, from bringing back typhus to spending tens of thousands of dollars per homeless tent, it’s of the horribly bad kind.

The People’s Republic of California just added Florida and three other states to its hit list for protecting women’s sports. It’s a strange world in which California is going after West Virginia to stop teenage girls from having their own sports teams, but that’s only the start of the madness.

Governor Doug Burgum in North Dakota had panicked and vetoed a bill protecting girls by preventing men from competing on female teams. But that wasn't good enough because he didn't also veto a campus free speech bill which banned schools from disciplining students for their personal opinions and abusing security fees to bar conservative speakers.

The North Dakota free speech bill also stated that student organizations could limit membership to those who share their beliefs. The Human Rights Campaign, Harvey Weinstein's favorite civil rights charity, claimed that this "law is nothing more than a harmful attempt by Gov. Doug Burgum and North Dakota legislators to discriminate against LGBTQ".

And despite Burgum's defenses of gay rights, California decided to ban North Dakota.

It’s not enough to refuse to protect women if you don’t also go ahead and also punish, censor, and suppress anyone who disagrees with the official dogma of the Democrats.

Other states have also ended up on California’s hit list for allowing religious freedom in schools.

Kentucky’s 4.5 million people and 40,000 square miles are off limits because of Charlie Brown.

W.R. Castle Elementary School in Johnson County, Kentucky struck out Linus reading passages from the New Testament in A Charlie Brown Christmas. The Charlie Brown Bill was introduced and signed to protect the religious freedom of students in Kentucky schools.

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra, now Biden's HHS secretary, claimed that the bill "could allow student-run organizations in colleges and K-12 schools to discriminate against classmates based on their sexual orientation or gender identity."

“I’m highly disappointed that the man would be so stupid,” a Kentucky state senator said of Becerra. “He can read it and he can see there’s absolutely no discrimination in that bill.”

California Dems are in favor of limiting the right to work, conduct investigative journalism, or post opinions on the internet to those who share their beliefs. That’s why they oppose religious freedom, not because they oppose discrimination, but because they impose discrimination.

Attorney General Rob Bonta is now carrying on California’s sacred anti-religious crusade.

As Charlie Brown can tell you, it’s easy for states to fall afoul of California. Iowa was added to the list because it wouldn’t cover transgender surgery under Medicaid. North Carolina banned men from using the ladies room in 2016, but then Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat who ran on the right of men to urinate where they want to appease the NCAA, repealed the bill in 2017.

Governor Roy Cooper just celebrated Pride Month, but California still refuses to relent and North Carolina remains on the list of “banned states” usually maintained by Communist dictatorships.

California is boycotting a state that celebrates Pride Month for gay rights.

But once a state is added to the list of the enemies of the People’s Republic and the Human Rights Campaign, it must stay there until Google, Amazon, and Facebook officially annex it. 

South Carolina was banned by California because a 500-page appropriations bill briefly protected the religious freedom of adoption agencies to “decline to provide any service that conflicts with, or provide any service under circumstances that conflict with, a sincerely-held religious belief or moral conviction of the faith-based child placing agency.”

“The State of California strongly stands against any form of discrimination,” Attorney General Xavier Becerra declared, while discriminating against his tenth state.

The Supreme Court just issued a ruling essentially saying the same thing as South Carolina and protecting the right of a Catholic adoption agency to follow the values of its own faith.

If California were consistent, it would immediately ban all travel to the United States.

But if California Democrats were consistent, they wouldn’t be trying to eliminate all sources of reliable power while insisting that everyone drive an electric car, or refusing to arrest criminals and then condemning the muggings of elderly Asian people by those very same criminals.

While California claims to be fighting discrimination in every other state, the Supreme Court repeatedly slammed it for discriminating against Christians and other religious believers.

And while California State University employees are warned against traveling to banned states on the money stolen by state Democrats from taxpayers, CSU's new College of Ethnic Studies appointed a dean who supports Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and hates Jews.

As more states move to protect women’s sports, religious freedom, and Charlie Brown, California might soon end up boycotting every state except New York and Oregon.

While California Democrats add millions more Americans to their list of 100 million banned, millions of their own people are fleeing the state to some of these same banned states. Like East Germany, the People’s Republic of California is watching in dismay as millions flee California for Florida and Texas despite their support for women’s sports and religious freedom.

If only there were some sort of wall to stop them.


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