The Chinese Communist Party at 100

An anniversary to mourn.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1, 1921. Hold the confetti and balloons, please.

That’s 100 years and an ocean of blood.

It’s been a century of carnage: The Chinese Civil War (2.2 million dead), the Great Leap Forward (15 million to 55 million dead), the Cultural Revolution (upwards of 20 million dead), the conquest of Tibet, Tiananmen Square, the One-Child Policy (including forced abortions and sterilizations), the subjugation of Hong Kong, the Uyghurs in concentration camps (more than 1 million imprisoned since 2017), the leaky lab in Wuhan (worldwide death toll, 3.94 million and climbing).

Regarding the Peoples Barbed Wire Enclosure of China, a few things to consider:

  • The cabal in Beijing does not constitute a legitimate government. It’s a criminal gang that rules the nation by force.
  • The Chi Coms are inveterate liars. They promised Hong Kong  semi -autonomy for 50 years. (“One country, two systems.”) The ink was hardly dry on the accords transferring sovereignty from Britain to China, before the Red Chinese began violating it.
  • How can the commies get away with calling their regime the People’s Republic of China, when the people have less to do with its governance than I do with running General Motors? Easy. The Party is the Vanguard of the Proletariat. The Party is omniscient. The Party knows what’s best for the people even when they don’t know themselves, because they’re too weak or stupid to understand where their interests lie. Hence, the Party has a right and a duty to speak in the people’s name.
  • The Thousand Year Reich lasted for a dozen years. Officially, the Soviet Union existed for 69 years. The People’s Republic of China has been in the tyranny business for 72 years and is still going strong.
  • That Beijing was able to graft free-market elements to a totalitarian system has resulted in a diabolically dangerous mutation.
  • In their relationship with the PRC, US corporations are accomplices to genocide.
  • Looking for Biden and company to rein-in China is like expecting Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail to take on the Golden Horde.
  • In May, Whispering Joe said China “believes it will own us in 15 years.” At about the same time, he said Putin was “a killer.” Now, the Russian oligarch is a “worthy adversary.”) Biden’s take on Xi will probably evolve to “honorable competitor.”
  • The Chi-coms see America with a vulture’s eye. They see the U.S. rife with dissension and division. They see a president who’s barely vertical and rarely coherent. Internationally, they see a nation retreating on every front. They see a government that isn’t even able to maintain order in its largest cities. They see a nation where racial paranoia is inculcated in schools and self-hatred is taught in the military. They view us the way the schoolyard bully looks at the skinny kid with glasses and a pocket-full of lunch money.
  • If there is another World War, the insane territorial ambitions of Communist China (including the annexation of Taiwan), will be the catalyst.

In the 1950s, Khrushchev said he’d bury us. Xi has the grave site picked out.


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