The Heart of Whiteness

The Left's journey toward racial purification.

“Even though white is often associated with things, that are pleasant and pure, there is a peculiar emptiness about the color white. It is the emptiness of the white that is more disturbing than even the bloodiness of red.”
- Moby-Dick or, the Whale, Herman Melville.

It’s all Melville’s fault. Blame it all on him. It’s all right there in Chapter 42 in his seminal novel against all things white, Moby Dick, like an extended forefinger wagging accusingly in your face. In beautiful pillorying black type stamping across snowy white pages entitled, “The Whiteness of the Whale,” Melville ruminates on the mystical, scientific and philosophical implications of the color white.  In this crucifying chapter, the novelist goes into great detail on the horrifying aspects of whiteness and their applicability to Ahab’s obsessive quest to kill the infamous white whale, Moby Dick. If I had as magnificent a mind as Melville, which I most certainly do not, I could expand on his philosophical exploration, but I’m not he nor Ishmael nor Ahab. Hence, my postulations will take me in quite a different direction as I hunt for the ultimate solution to that wicked scourge of what is now known as “Whiteness.”

In contemporary America, the White or Caucasian race has become somewhat of a Moby Dick obsession for what is called the “Progressive Movement.”  With a figurative harpoon in hand, activist movements like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the enlightened Teacher’s Unions, have brilliantly erased two hundred years of struggling for racial equality by simply replacing that with racial equity, a vastly superior method of meting out ‘social justice,’ a justice ironically touted vigorously by those of Caucasian ancestry themselves, courageous Jacobins all, offering up their own necks on the guillotine of racial equity. Denouncing one’s own ancestry and racial impurities is, after all, a bold act of racial purification like a redemptive dip in the Lourdes River - one emerges spiritually cleansed.

No matter the origin of a “Whitie” or their individual belief system, their shared original sin is derived from their very lack of melanin.  It matters not if they or their ancestors ever owned a slave or opposed slavery, by the very fact of their skin color, they are inescapably guilty of a racial crime.

It matters not that Ben Franklin and Benjamin Rush started an abolitionist movement at the very founding of the United States of America or that three fourths of the founding fathers were opposed to slavery or that a John Brown or a soldier who died on the field at Gettysburg, gave his life in an attempt to abolish slavery, are all equally guilty of the inescapable crime of Whiteness.

No matter the ethnic origin of a Whitie, be they Anglo-Saxon, Gaul, Germanic, Slav, Latin, Jew, etc., all are thrown into the same pallid racial stew.  One wonders, if at any time one is tanned, and so verging on some spectrum of brown pigmentation, is one forgiven transgression by the racial equity tribunals or does that bring a harsher penalty for attempting to mask one’s Whiteness and so cunningly committing the sacrilege of pigment appropriation? 

For all intents and purposes, Heraclitus’ dictum that ‘character is destiny’ has been replaced with ‘pigment is destiny’ or even better yet, ‘race is destiny,’ a reminiscent refrain from a past ill-fated Reich. No matter that as a Greek, Heraclitus most probably possessed an olive skin tone, race is destiny and thus, even he falls victim to the sacrilege of his Whiteness and all his teachings must be burned in the trash heap of blasphemous White philosophies.

In fact, one can trace the antecedents of the Critical Race Movement to that of the National Socialist Worker’s Party embrace of a racial hierarchical ideology which found inspiration in the American Eugenics Movement.  Francis Galton believed that society could be improved through the genetic quality of a human population, by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior or promoting those judged to be superior. Already underway is the replacement of the statue of President Theodore Roosevelt at the Natural History Museum in New York with that of Francis Galton, who truly was a visionary and saw the direction America should head in.

The only mistake made by National Socialists was not in their racist ideology per se, but that they mistakenly ranked the Germanic people above all others.  We now know, however, through a more enlightened, “woke” mindset that any Whitie is naturally at the bottom of the racial scale. Unlike certain racial ideologies of the Twentieth Century promulgated for devious purposes, rest assured that this particular ideology is new and improved like a good skin balm that soothes and restores.  There is nothing to worry about here as Critical Race Theory was, as we are told, conceived by the greatest academic minds that humanity has ever produced.

Nonetheless, Critical Race Theory, is a rudimentary concept that raises important questions that require clarification in order to perfect it as a workable totalitarian system. Can one ever be truly purified of Whiteness by a simple denunciation of one’s race or through re-education?  As long as there is a residue of genetic material, is there any way to completely escape the racial legacy of Whiteness? Certainly, denunciation or re-education about the evils of Whiteness cannot alter the deep, insidious genetic code that permeates all Whities. How does one eliminate that troublesome white gene?

It also begs the question whether someone like Barry Sotero aka Barack Obama, who is himself, born of a Whitie, can ever be entirely free of Whiteness? How can an individual of mixed race who is raised and educated by Whities be truly eradicated of his Whiteness? After all, is he not the product of White academia with three degrees from questionable White institutions?  It seems as long as there is even the slightest residue of a white genetic material, one is plagued by persevering Whiteness.  It begs the question: how many generations of racial purification does it take to purge the very essence of Whiteness from one’s chromosomes?

With the advent of modern genetic research, we now know that there can be alarming traces of White ancestry in the chromosomes dating back thousands of years. We are told that the genes hold no secrets and can show our racial origins through testing. This begs the disconcerting question, how many generations does it take to completely eradicate all traces of Whiteness or, even more disturbing, can Whiteness ever be removed entirely from the genetic code? It seems the answer is a resounding – no.  There will always be a tenacious smidgeon of Whiteness no matter how many generations have passed.

Certainly, just a minimal hint of Whiteness is enough to be condemnatory of one’s entire behavior and outlook on life. As a rotten apple spoils the bunch, so too does a white gene taint the entire genome. It is corrosive and infective, contaminating the entire being from the cellular level up.  In an insignificant dead Whitie’s poor excuse for a play, “Julius Caesar,” the protagonist declares: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings."  Enlightened Critical Race Theory has made us comprehend that these foolish words uttered by a White heretic are, in fact, erroneous. We now know that the fault lies not in ourselves, but in our genes - white skin tone being the defining characteristic of all malevolence.

At this point, a critical philosophical quandary confronts us:  how can the genetic coding of Whiteness be overcome in the genome sequencing? Until this issue can be overcome by geneticists, the only logical path forward is to perfect a totalitarian system based on the primary principles of CRT that cry out for the creation of an Inquisition-like institution that was used to such eminent effect in Medieval Spain to root out heretics, witches, and Jews.

Tribunals can be established to evaluate the various degrees of Whiteness that a dubious deplorable might exhibit. It has been quietly proposed that someone like Michelle Obama or Valerie Jarrett could be appointed Grand Inquisitor to oversee the execution of the eradication of Whiteness from America. They could determine if any degree of Whiteness is acceptable, i.e., does Barry Sotero’s embrace of Blackness overcome his White ancestry or is any amount of white genetic trace too much? The fate of such individuals is to be determined by the Grand Inquisitor her/she/itself.

In the end, the problem confronting any Inquisition is that any trace of Whiteness in the DNA is too much.  Hence, someone like Barry Sotero cannot escape his fate even with any amount of preening, name change or facade of “Blackness.”  Genes do not lie - unless you’re transgender in which case they do. 

In order to root out Whiteness, one must eliminate the Caucasian race entirely which means all vestiges of White lineage. There can be no mercy when the Ultimate Solution to Whiteness is a Final Solution. Like an avenging Captain Ahab with harpoon raised, we, too, must devote ourselves to pursuing that malignant white leviathan wherever it may lead.


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