India: Public School Organizes Summer Camp to Promote Islamic Values Among Children

And it triggers massive outrage.

A shocking and communally charged invitation put out by a Moradabad school has come under scrutiny and led to tremendous public fury in India, except, of course, among the Muslims. The Delhi Public Global School had set up a summer camp for students aged 8-15, intending to impart Islamic education online. The school also created a website to further this purpose. The colorful pamphlet posted on the school’s official site featured the image of the Ka’ba, along with a green structure resembling a mosque, accompanied by the text, “How to Adopt Islamic Values in Personal Life.” The subjects listed on the agenda to be discussed in the summer camp were, among others, “What is Islam?,” “How to understand Qura’an,” and “Responsibility of a Muslim.” It was supposed to be a two-day schedule with the sessions lasting three hours each.

The poster triggered massive outrage on social media. We must emphasize that the Delhi Public Global School is not a madrassa running on Islamic principles. It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, which is a national level board of education under the purview of the Union government of India. Various Hindu groups have alleged that the school is attempting to change the mindset of pupils from non-Muslim families, so that they will embrace Islam. The fact that the Moradabad school is focusing on students in the developing years of their lives, a time when they have malleable minds and are easily indoctrinated, supports the allegations brought by the Hindu groups.

The Hindu groups, led by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council, VHP) and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (All Indian Student Council, ABVP) have strenuously objected to the “attempts at Islamization” of the English medium school. “This type of religious education for kids coming from other faiths is targeted towards changing their beliefs and converting them to Islam,” said ABVP representative Sachin Singh. The VHP, on the other hand, has warned the management that it would launch a social media campaign against the school.

Responding to the massive indignation, School Manager Mansoor Siddiqui (a Muslim) explained, “We had picked up these subjects to draw in Muslim students for the summer camp and inculcate nationalistic values in them. We had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious sentiments or promoting religious conversion.” The school management supported its decision to consider these religiously motivated topics by noting that over 90% of students in their school hailed from Muslim families.

While Mr. Siddiqui may defend his tone-deaf decision to set up a summer camp to encourage commitment to Islam among his students because the majority of them are from Muslim families, we wonder what his plans were for the 10% of students in his school who are non-Muslim. Did he leave them out of consideration because they belonged to the wrong religion, or was he trying to cast an Islamic influence on them as well?

If he zeroed in on Islam as the topic of summer camp because most students of the school were Muslim, then one must note that the Delhi Public Global School in Moradabad is a textbook example of what Muslims do when they gain a majority in any demography – they write off the minority without any second thoughts. This is how Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh are created, and this is exactly how the minorities in these counties are made invisible. It is the basic principle on which Islam functions, expands and dominates.

In the face of forceful criticism, the school has cancelled the two-day program for now.

Promoting Islam through school textbooks has become a matter of grave concern in recent times. It appears to be a deliberate and planned retaliation by the Muslims and communists holding positions throughout India’s education system. This is their way to retaliate against the nationalist Modi government. In the southern state of Kerala, which is governed by a pro-Islamic communist party, school textbooks for primary school classes feature caricatures with Hindu names, who are used to represent bad habits and lack of personal hygiene. Caricatures with Muslim names are used as the epitome of cleanliness. Young students are being conditioned to view Hindu shopkeepers as unclean and are discouraged to buy from them, while promoting shopkeepers with Muslim names. The truth, however, lies outside the crisp pages of these books, because there have been multiple and frequent reports of Muslim workers spitting into food made for public consumption.

Infesting the education system and adulterating the syllabi is the most convenient way of brainwashing an entire generation in one of the world’s most populous nations. “Oh! If only all infidel kids of India could be brought into the fold of the world’s one true religion by making them hate their kind and admire us!” smiles the jihadi, visualizing the long-awaited Ghazwa-e-Hind.


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