Sweden: Authorities Are Punishing Me for Criticizing Islam

Will my once-beautiful country become the first caliphate in Europe?

In 2017, I was reported by a snitch after comments I made in a closed Facebook group calling Islam a fascist ideology and Muhammed a pedophile. In Sweden, we have a law prohibiting incitement against an ethnic group; Islam is regarded as an ethnic group, but I was lucky and got acquitted, so the prosecutor appealed against this verdict to Court of Appeal, and I won again. Unfortunately, however, the matter did not end there.

This law dates from 1948, and its purpose was to stop antisemitism. It was also meant to protect homosexuals and other minority groups, so the law was completely justified. In 1999, the Swedish Social Democrats made a secret agreement with Islamic groups with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to replace the support they had lost from Swedish working class with votes from Muslim immigrants. To get these votes, they promised to give Muslims positions in municipalities, county councils and parliament. After that, the law prohibiting incitement more or less became a Sharia law, used to stop criticism of Islam, particularly as the judiciary has become very left-leaning.

Many Muslim rapists and gang members get very soft sentences, and very few of them get deported, even if they don’t have Swedish citizenship. There is also a group called “Online Hate Reviewer,” which scans social media for “racist” comments about immigrants. Such comments are published mostly by retired people. Swedish people are very scared of being labeled racists, as they can lose jobs and friends, so young people are mostly quiet. This group gets taxpayer money from the government.

Shortly after I won the appeal, the same snitch reported me again for other comments on Facebook. The odd thing is that I made these comments in another country, but if comments are directed toward a Swedish audience, they fall under Swedish law, even if you write them in a closed group of people who share the same opinions. This time, in June 2018, I was questioned by a Turkish woman whom I suspected was a Muslim, but she refused to answer when I asked her. It was a very unfriendly hearing, and she had also spent a great deal of time going through my Facebook account, mapping my children with names and pictures. My youngest son was very upset by this.

Two years ago, my Facebook account was erased after I got many strikes about my comments. The trial was scheduled for the end of January 2020, but since I was in Thailand and was being medicated for blood clots in my lungs and left leg, I asked if they could move it to June, when I was planning to visit my family in Sweden. I even sent a letter from a Thai doctor who told me that I should not fly for eleven hours, but the court didn’t listen to that, and I was fined 400 euros for not showing up.

The next trial was scheduled for the middle of September, and I booked a flight with Finnair, but as there were many problems with covid, the flight got cancelled. I therefore agreed that my lawyer could represent me in my absence. This time I got convicted, and my crime was regarded as so bad that they wanted to jail me, but they considered my old age and gave me a high fine instead. The fine is set in regard to your income, but they looked at the year 2015, when my income was three times higher than it was in September 2020. Today I have a pension of only 1200 euros per month, and my fine was for 2000 euros, instead of the usual 600 euros. When you lose, you also have to pay your lawyer, and he cost 1850 euros. I had two weeks to appeal, and I also contacted another lawyer who promised to pursue the appeal, but he had a heart attack and hade to go to the hospital. He resigned the case, so I missed the deadline. The Appeal Court said I had to go to Supreme Court with my case, but they didn’t change the verdict in my favor even when I sent them documents from my medical record showing that I have bipolar disorder and I was out of lithium when I posted on Facebook. One can be very aggressive in speech when manic and upset, but they didn’t take that into consideration.

The law they used against me was meant to stop people from criticizing the government for its disastrous open border policy, and to protect Islam. Our prime minister also said many years ago that he would never criticize Islam, and I’m sure he has never read the Qur’an. I’m worried that my once-beautiful country can become the first caliphate in Europe, and that a demographic jihad can give Muslims a majority within 30 years. Many people are also afraid of a civil war, since criminal Muslim gangs create more and more no-go zones that police don’t dare to enter. Swedish leaders have all attended Bilderberg meetings, and they are not loyal to my country. With this statement I want the rest of the world to know what’s going on in my country.

Here is a summary article from last year on my case:

“73-year-old pensioner too ill to fly – to be dragged to trial for incitement against ethnic group with threat of fine,” translated from “73-årig pensionär för sjuk för att flyga – ska släpas till rättegång om hets mot folkgrupp med hot om vite,” Samnytt, February 14, 2020:

Denny Abrahamsson, 73, is a resident of Stockholm, but lives in Thailand during the winter. After a defeat in the Court of Appeal, Näthatsgranskaren has reported him again – and now he will appear for the trial. Thai doctors advise him not to fly – but Stockholm District Court rejects the certificates and threatens the pensioner with a fine.

Samhällsnytt has previously reported on Denny Abrahamsson who, after a long battle with the judiciary, was finally acquitted in the Court of Appeal from the charge of incitement against ethnic groups. At the time, he was accused, among other things, of writing that Islam is a “fascist ideology”. However, it did not take long before he was reported again – by the same player as last time.

Samhällsnytt has taken part in a police interrogation with the man. According to the interrogation, he is suspected, among other things, of having written on Facebook that “low IQ cultures do not mix well with high IQ communities” and that “cousin marriage and inbreeding in Islamic culture cause malformations, low IQ and aggression”. He was reported to the police for this by the state-funded Näthatsgranskaren sometime in 2018.

Since then, the trial date has been moved several times – to finally end up on January 27 this year. Abrahamsson has sent two medical certificates from Thai doctors which show that his legs have swollen – probably as a result of blood clots. He is advised to take blood-thinning drugs to dissolve the clot. At the same time, he is advised against air travel for more than four hours – for the reason that blood clots that form after sitting still for too long can settle in the heart or lungs with a risk to life. Abrahamsson has also through his lawyer sent pictures of his swollen legs to the district court.

Despite the certificates, the pictures and the blood samples, the court in a special decision rejected the documentation. An expert council from the National Board of Health and Welfare has taken their help. According to the decision that Samhällsnytt has taken note of, the pensioner was fined four thousand kronor for having missed the trial without “legal due date” – that is, without a legitimate reason for it. In addition, he will be forced to pay SEK 8,000 if he does not show up by the next date – sometime in February.

In its opinion, the Judicial Council of the National Board of Health and Welfare writes that his “problems according to the diagnoses in the two Thai medical certificates are such that they can typically be treated with medicine.” Furthermore, it is believed that the risks of flying then will not be greater than for a healthy person.

In a comment to Samhällsnytt, Abrahamsson asks questions about the statement from the National Board of Health and Welfare:

– They want to drag me home for a new trial even though I have sent a medical certificate that advises me against long-haul flights while I am taking blood-thinning medicine. I also use support stockings as I still have blood clots in my legs and lungs. Strange that they question my doctor’s assessment.

At the same time, he wonders why the strained judiciary chooses to invest resources in having four experts from the National Board of Health and Welfare review his medical certificate. He does not regret the statements he has made before and says the following:

– Today I would write that Islam is worse than fascism as it legitimizes both pedophilia, rape and oppression of women. Unfortunately, I cannot write in my Facebook groups as I am suspended for life.

Despite the threats of fines, he does not plan to follow the district court’s decision:

– I think the trial is scheduled for the end of February, but I will not appear. I suggested the beginning of June when I would still go to Sweden. We have been advised not to fly too much.

– Maybe I can be picked up by Greta’s sailboat, he adds.

Earlier this week, Samhällsnytt was able to report that 2019 was a record year for Näthatsgranskaren’s operations.


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