Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier is Leaving the Military

After being removed from Space Force command for exposing Marxist-racist indoctrination.

On September 1, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier will leave the U.S. military. As the former Space Force commander told The Epoch Times, “I believe I’m able to continue serving my country outside of the service and out of uniform, perhaps in a better way than I was able to, given the circumstances, in uniform at the moment.” The departure invites a review of Lohmeier’s experience, and another with startling similarities.

A 2006 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a qualified F-15C  pilot, Lohmeier earned a master’s degree in military operational art and science and a master’s of philosophy in military strategy. In September of 2020, Lohmeier authored The Better Mind of Space, from Air University Press, views solely of the author but “cleared for public release and unlimited distribution.”

Lohmeier’s squadron operated the Defense Support Program and Space Based Infrared System satellites that detect launches and provide early warning. Lohmeier was representing the Space Force when President Trump held a video conference with military leaders, explaining that the Space Force is “very special to me, that new branch, because that was something that I felt was necessary.” For his part, Lt. Col. Lohmeier was also monitoring efforts to make the U.S. military weaker and more vulnerable.

The Space Force commander authored Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military, which posed questions such as: “Is systemic racism a reality, or is much of our talk about race merely a rhetorical tool used to divide Americans? Why has the Defense Department suddenly shifted to a focus on extremism within the ranks? Is there really a white supremacy or white nationalist problem within our armed forces? Are the many Diversity and Inclusion trainings that are being conducted in our federal agencies helping solve these problems, or are they creating conflict where none previously existed? What is Marxism, and what does it have to do with all of this?”

As Lohmeier told, he was apprised of the option to have the book reviewed by the Pentagon prior to release but told it was not required. Lohmeier discussed Irresistible Revolution on the “Information Operation” podcast with L. Todd Wood. The critical race theory pushed by Biden Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Lohmeier said, “will divide us. It will not unify us.”

In the U.S. military, according to Lohmeier, “if you’re a conservative, then you’re lumped into a group of people who are labeled extremists, if you’re willing to voice your views.” On the other hand, for those aligned with the left, “It’s okay to be an activist online because no one’s going to hold you accountable.”

True to form, back on May 14, Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, head of Space Operations Command, removed Lt. Col. Lohmeier from his command post at Buckley Air Force Base. In the official line, the move was “due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead,” and “based on public comments made by Lt. Col. Lohmeier in a recent podcast.” Whiting also initiated a Command Directed Investigation (CDI) to probe whether Lohmeier’s comments “constituted prohibited partisan political activity.”

As Lohmeier told The Epoch Times, “It’s not politically partisan to expose Marxist ideology where it exists and to talk about critical race theory; that should be something we’re unitedly standing against.”  Lohmeier’s travails with the Biden military recall the case of Phillip Haney, a whistleblower in the Department of Homeland Security.

Haney authored See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad. The DHS couldn’t have been too happy about the book, nor about rumors that Haney planned a return to the DHS during the administration of Donald Trump, possibly with another book at the ready. On February 21, 2020, somebody shot Haney dead in Amador County, California.

On July 24, a year had passed since the Amador County sheriff posted a news item recalling that Phillip Haney had been “found deceased in our jurisdiction” back in February, 2020. Contrary to early reports, the death was not a suicide. The sheriff handed Haney’s laptop, thumb drive, phone records and documents to the FBI, expecting revelations in a matter of weeks.

The Amador County sheriff did not respond to an email seeking information on what they had received from the FBI in the Haney case. The July 24, 2020 news release remains on the sheriff’s website, and no word on any suspects or their possible motive. As the mystery continues, some realities remain clear.

The composite character president David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama didn’t like Haney’s book about U.S. submission to Islamic jihad. In similar style, the Biden Junta, basically an extension of the composite character’s rule, dislikes Matthew Lohmeier’s book about Marxist-racist indoctrination in the U.S. Military.

Matthew Lohmeier has already received invitations to various events and conferences. As he speaks out, the former Space Force commander would be wise to watch his back at all times. This is what happens when reactionary politicians ignore those trying to destroy the United States of America and punish those who dedicate their lives to defending the United States of America.


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