Biden Sinking

Approval ratings are plummeting. Here's why.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting. In the latest Gallup poll, Biden’s approval rating declined to a new low of 43 percent. Other polls are also showcasing Biden’s loss of popularity as Americans are seeing the real Joe Biden in action.

Explanations for the public’s loss of faith in Biden’s leadership include his Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, the immigration crisis, inflation, mixed messages in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his divisiveness, and questions regarding his competence.

There may be even a more overarching reason, however, why many Americans are becoming disillusioned with Biden. Biden got elected in no small measure because voters perceived that he was a straight shooter who understood and cared about the problems of average Americans. Biden is no longer seen that way by many Americans, especially independents who had flocked to his side in the 2020 election.

The results of a recent poll published by Pew Research on September 23rd demonstrate that Biden is losing some of the confidence the American people had in his personal traits earlier in his term, as well as in his handling of various policy issues.

“Compared with March, fewer adults say Biden cares about people like them, and fewer describe him as standing up for his beliefs, honest, a good role model and mentally sharp,” Pew reported. Americans are also questioning Biden’s claims about unifying the country. According to Pew, “only about a third (34%) are confident he can bring the country closer together, a 14 percentage point decline since March.”

The false and misleading statements on the Afghanistan debacle and the border crisis coming out of Biden’s own mouth, as well as from his press secretary and other members of his administration, have certainly hurt Biden’s credibility. But it is also becoming evident to more and more Americans that Biden and the progressive Democrats in Congress to whom he caters do not really care much about the day-to-day struggles of ordinary Americans. Indeed, Congress’s approval rating today under Democratic control is even lower than Biden’s – 27 percent, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Biden likes to portray himself as a friend of the little guy who vows to close tax loopholes exploited by the rich. But he has shown no hesitancy in taking advantage of a payroll tax loophole himself. Americans don’t like double standards.

Biden tries to project an image of integrity but looks the other way as his son Hunter leverages access to the highest levels of government power for personal gain.

Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress are trying to sell the American people a bill of goods with their trillions of dollars of spending proposals. They are in the process of ramming these proposals through Congress on an entirely partisan basis via the budget reconciliation process. Votes on the legislation are being delayed for a few days because of intra-party disagreements over size and some of the details between the progressive base and more moderate Democrats in the House and the Senate. But Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are intent on pushing their massive tax-and-spend legislation past the finish line, even if they have to agree to some cosmetic changes to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Biden is trying to sell his “Build Back Better Act” with smoke and mirrors. He has said, for example, that it will be all paid for by taxes on corporations and the wealthy. The average American has nothing to worry about, according to Biden. Not true.

The legislation does constitute perhaps the biggest redistribution of wealth in American history, but average Americans will still have plenty to worry about. To start with, Biden is pressing for more powers granted to the Internal Revenue Service to collect information from banks regarding all accounts with more than $600! Not exactly limited to the rich and famous.

More debt will be piled on the backs of Americans’ children and grandchildren to pay for the Democrats’ radical wish list.

The Tax Foundation estimated that the Democrat-controlled House Ways and Means Committee's proposal the foundation analyzed earlier this month “would reduce long-run economic output by 0.98 percent and eliminate 303,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the United States. It would also reduce after-tax incomes for the top 80 percent of taxpayers over the long-run.”

The fact that this $3.5 trillion monstrosity will drive inflation up to even more dangerous levels than today,  hurting lower income people most of all, does not matter to Biden and the overwhelming majority of congressional Democrats. Putting food on the table, filling the gas tank, and buying other basic necessities are keeping many Americans up at night. These are the people Biden says he wants to help. But the truth is that in the name of radical “social justice” and “equity,” Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Senator Bernie Sanders, the progressive House Squad, etc. are perfectly willing to impose economic distress on Americans just trying to get by.

The so-called “human infrastructure” bill, with its multi-trillion-dollar price tag, hands money out for free community college and universal pre-K without any means test. Thus, the children of wealthy families, who can certainly afford to pay for their own children’s pre-K and college expenses, will get a free ride, courtesy of less well-off taxpayers. It also means more federal control of education, with the potential for critical race theory and other left-wing dogma spoon fed to kids as young as 3 and 4 years old.

Illegal immigrants are pouring into the United States in record numbers, thanks to the Biden administration’s open border policies. Thousands of the Haitians who entered the country illegally in recent weeks have been dispersed throughout the country under Biden’s catch-and-release policy. They were not required to be vaccinated, or even to be tested, for COVID-19.

In Biden’s America, residents legally residing in the United States are facing COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates as a condition for their employment or for returning to the United States from abroad. However, unvaccinated, untested illegal immigrants are free to fan out across the country to potentially spread the virus and take jobs away from lower income Americans.

As more and more Americans see the real Joe Biden for themselves, their confidence in Biden’s presidency will continue to erode.


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