28 Seconds of Truth at the UN Human Rights Council

But then it was shut down.

Of all the various U.N. bodies, the most anti-Israel and most antisemitic of all – and the competition is stiff, with many strong contenders – is the U.N. Human Rights Council. It is that body which has an Item #7 on its permanent agenda, which requires it at every session to investigate and prepare reports on so-called “violations” of Palestinian human rights by Israel. The UNHRC has passed almost as many resolutions denouncing Israel as it has passed against the other 193 members of the U.N. But it could have been worse. After all, in 2020 the UN General Assembly did itself proud by passing 17 resolutions against the tiny Jewish state and only 6 against all the other 193 countries combined. Among the current UNHRC members passing judgment on Israel are such stalwart supporters of human rights as China, Cuba, Russia, Bolivia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, and Venezuela. The current president of the UNHRC is Nazhat Shameem Khan of Pakistan. Need I say more?

The other day, Hillel Neuer of the indispensable NGO UN Watch tried to give a video presentation before the UNHCR about what some UNRWA teachers are posting on their Facebook pages. He had all of 28 seconds to speak before Nazhat Shameem Khan had the Council’s Secretariat shut his video down.

Here is exactly what Khan and Neuer said:

Khan: Thank you. And I now give the floor to Ingenieurs du Monde [UN Watch]

Neuer: Madame President, is UNRWA supporting peace? Let us consider UN Watch’s recent report on the teachers they hire by looking at their social media.

Nahed Sharawi, an UNRWA math teacher in Gaza, posted a picture of Adolf Hitler, along with “quotes to enrich and enlighten your thoughts and minds.”

Husni Mash, an UNRWA teacher in the West Ban, posted antisemitic conspiracy theories about how Jews control the world, created the Covid virus, and seek to destroy Islam.

Esraa Abdul Rahim, an UNRWA…”

Khan: I ask the Secretariat to pause [i.e., to shut down] this video.

I have noticed that in the course of this video derogatory, insulting, and inflammatory remarks have been made which in particular refer directly to specific individuals. This amounts to personal attack against these individuals and it is not acceptable in this forum.

This statement is out of order, and I give the floor to the next speaker, the Palestine Return Centre, Limited.

I assume that Neuer identified his group as “Ingenieurs du Monde” so that he might have the possibility of addressing the UNHCR, which would likely not have happened had he identified himself as being with the NGO UN Watch.

Neuer spoke for exactly 28 seconds – 28 seconds of truth out of thousands of hours, year after year, of anti-Israel lies at the UNHCR. He managed to name, and to describe, the disturbing Facebook pages of two UNRWA teachers. The first was Nahed Sharawi, a math teacher in Gaza, who posted a photograph of Adolf Hitler on his Facebook page and offered “quotes to enrich and enlighten your thoughts and minds,” no doubt linked to the photo. Too bad that Neuer, wanting to name as many people as he could in what he undoubtedly knew would be a short appearance, hadn’t time to report what Sharawi had posted in order “to enrich and enlighten [Palestinian] thoughts and minds.”

Neuer then mentioned “Husni Mash, an UNRWA teacher in the West Ban, [who] posted antisemitic conspiracy theories about how Jews control the world, created the Covid virus, and seek to destroy Islam.”

As for the third teacher, all Neuer managed to say before his video was shut down was this:

“Esraa Abdul Rahim, an UNRWA…”

Then Madame Khan, a true daughter of Pakistan, horrified at what Neuer had managed to say In his 28 seconds, immediately had the video shut down. A stunning act of censorship, captured on video for all to see, by the UNHRC’s Madame President, determined at all costs to protect members of UNRWA’s staff from being revealed as antisemites (an admiring photo of Hitler tells us all we need to know about Nahed Sharawi) and crazed conspiracy theorists, such as Husni Mash, insisting that Jews control the world, created the Covid virus, and seek to destroy Islam. The full report on Neuer’s video appearance and shutdown is HERE.  


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