Inside the Biden Junta

Doing the opposite of whatever Trump did.

“The hatred and resentment of Trump is so deep,” Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Bruce Thornton recently noted, “that we now have a ruling party whose main principle is to do the opposite of whatever Trump did no matter how much it benefited the country.” That statement is freighted with meaning and based on considerable evidence.

President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords, which gives a pass to major polluters China and India. The Biden Junta, what the late Angelo Codevilla called an oligarchy, rejoined the agreement, promising billions of dollars that will wind up enriching “energy grifters.” For all the spending, the United States gets essentially nothing.

President Trump achieved energy independence for America, reducing the cost of energy in particular and the cost of living in general. By freeing the nation from dependence on oil-rich hostile regimes, Trump also boosted America’s national security in a dangerous world.

Joe Biden, who likes to rule by diktat, canceled the Keystone X pipeline, banned fracking and called off oil and gas leases on public lands. This sent the price of gasoline skyrocketing, a severe blow to working Americans but a windfall for OPEC, where Biden showed up with his begging bowl. Thornton was correct that “our economy and our geopolitical clout have been damaged.”

While under fire from the Russia and Ukraine hoaxes, Trump began construction of a border wall. He also halted ridiculous “catch and release” policies, and tasked ICE to remove dangerous criminal illegals from the United States.

The Biden Junta not only stopped construction of the wall but gave the border an existential problem. Thousands of “migrants” from all over the world are now streaming into to the USA, with no check for COVID or other diseases, and exempt from the rules that now restrict legitimate citizens and legal immigrants. The Biden Junta vilifies the Border Patrol and welcomes the invaders. Many get shipped to other parts of the nation with no accountability to Congress or the people.

As Joe Biden said in 2014, illegals are “already Americans,” so what’s all this about a border?

The Biden Junta has no clue who any of these people are, and whether any might pose a threat to our security.

President Trump negotiated a staged, conditional withdrawal from Afghanistan, civilians first, military last. Under President Trump’s deal, American military gear would be removed or rendered useless to the Taliban.

The Biden Junta pulled the military first, leaving many American civilians stranded. The Biden Junta hired the Taliban for security, enabling the terrorist bomb that claimed 13 American lives. The Biden Junta left behind billions in military gear that strengthened the Taliban beyond measure. In typical style, the establishment media echoed Biden’s claim that it was all a great success.

Against unprecedented opposition from the deep state, including the upper reaches of the DOJ, FBI and intelligence establishment, President Trump did his best to make America great again.

Like New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the Biden Junta believes America was “never that great,” therefore the United States of America is not worth defending.

Joe Biden believes the Chinese Communist regime are “not bad folks,” and if the Delaware Democrat ever disagreed with anything they ever did, it’s hard to know what it might be.

General MacArthur never contemplated tipping off Japan’s Gen. Tojo, but Biden’s Joint Chiefs boss Gen. Mark Milley would give the Chinese advance warning of an American attack. Gen. Milley also believes Trump is Hitler and calls Trump supporters a pack of brownshirts. For the Biden Military Junta, the main enemy is all stateside.

President Trump made a point of celebrating American liberty. The Biden Junta is on board with the notion that the United States of America was founded in 1619 for the sole purpose of preserving slavery, and is now nothing more than a hothouse of “systemic racism.” Partisans of this view do not believe in the Constitution and by extension do not believe in America.

“Biden’s disastrous anti-Trump policies and failures,” Thornton concludes, “demonstrate the dangers that such an irrational reflex can create.” The irrational reflex has become known as Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) on continuous display in the establishment media. For those who remain confused, The Big Lebowski dramatizes the dynamic.

A crazed mob invades the home of The Dude (Jeff Bridges), wrecking the place and plunging the Dude’s head into the toilet. Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) blasts the home invaders as Nazis, but the Dude sets him straight.

“They were nihilists, man!” the Dude says. “They kept saying they believed in nothing.”

“Nihilists!” Walter responds. “I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”

Doing the opposite of whatever Trump did, however much it benefited the country, is not an ethos. The irrational reflex of Trump Derangement Syndrome is not an ethos.

Joe Biden was never great, not even close.

The Biden Junta is an essentially nihilist operation.


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