I, Domestic Terrorist

Merrick and Joe are building the Reich back better.

A Memo to Secretary of Homeland Gestapo Merrick Garland:


Your party and the teachers’ unions for which it stands have decided that those who protest too loudly at school committee meetings are domestic terrorists, should be investigated by the FBI under the Patriot Act and, perhaps, confined to Gitmo for the duration of the culture war.

After the January 6 fracas at the Capitol, Democrats determined that those who question the integrity of the last election are violent insurrectionists. Can one be both – say, a terrorist insurrectionist?

At any rate, the definition of domestic terrorist is expanding. Soon, it may include anyone who’s posted mean tweets about President Geezer, owns a pickup truck with a gun rack or doesn’t run shrieking into the night at the sight of an American flag.

And while I’ve never harassed a Senator in a restroom, burned down business districts, assaulted a cop in the name of racial equality or left our borders wide open to criminals, drugs and real terrorists – crimes which members of your party and their anarchist auxiliary commit regularly with impunity -- nonetheless, it seems that I am person of interest.

Here are a few of the things which (in the estimation of your party) mark me as someone who bears watching:

  1. I believe in the Constitution, including the First Amendment. Among other fundamental liberties, it guarantees the right to speak at public meetings against the government and its minions, including school committee members and teachers. Our freedom of speech trumps your paranoia. There is no First Amendment exception for something progressives call hate speech.
  2. I believe public education is in the business of indoctrination.  Turning children against their parent’s values and into compliant subjects of the state is the foundation of totalitarianism. A precursor of the modern Democrat Party, V.I. Lenin said: “Give me four years to teach children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” The NEA has them for 12 years. The only thing public about public education is who pays for it.
  3. I believe parents have a right to control their children’s education. Children are born into families, not into governments. Adam and Eve weren’t created by a bureaucracy. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, public schools taught individualism, personal responsibility and patriotism. Now, they teach the true believer creed of the radical left – determinism, socialism and scapegoating
  4. I think the alleged existence of "white supremacy" (the basis of Critical Race Theory) is an absurdity.  In America today, whites are at the bottom of the food chain. You can ridicule them, discriminate against them and even assault them in broad daylight without consequence. I can’t wait to see what the administration has planned for Caucasian Heritage Month this year,
  5. I do not believe there’s an epidemic of gun violence. In the hands of the law-abiding (used for self-defense) guns aren’t a disease but a cure. There is an epidemic of lawlessness in this country reflected in what your party and its allies have done to our once-great cities. Police budgets have been slashed while crime is rampant, and prosecutors (elected with Soros money) have set up a revolving door at the entrance to the Halls of Justice.
  6. I believe election fraud is the sine qua non of the Democrat Party. I don’t know if the last election was stolen. I do know there was massive fraud – facilitated by mail-in voting (which your party loves). In the future, this could be ameliorated by voter ID (which your party hates).
  7. I believe that what happened on January 6 was more comedy than tragedy. The so-called insurrectionists were as organized as the fire brigade in a Charlie Chaplin movie. But your party needs them to fire up Democratic donors for next year’s election, and as fodder for your neo-McCarthyite hearings. (“Are you now, or have you ever been, a violent insurrectionist?”) The so-called assault on democracy that supposedly took place in early January feeds into the myth that there are hardcore Trump supporters in the hinterlands plotting the overthrow of the government.
  8. I believe the threats to America are, in ascending order of importance: Iran, Islamic extremism, Red China, anarchy in our streets and your boss and those who pull the marionette’s strings. As a security threat, parents protesting at school committee meetings are right up there with those who don’t recycle.
  9. I think face masks are a sign of servitude and a talking point for the 2022 campaign. They are a way to keep the credulous in full panic mode over a “pandemic” that’s become as dangerous as the seasonal flu. But Democrats are going to run on face masks and vaccinations (with drugs developed under Trump) next year. What else do they have – our “extraordinarily  successful” withdrawal from Afghanistan, the remarkable Biden economy, border security?
  10. I thank God every minute of every day that your Supreme Court nomination was never confirmed. At the most you’ll be tormenting us for another 3 ½ years instead of (on average) 16 years as a Justice.
  11. I believe that America is still worth fighting for. Too many brave men and women have spilled too much blood over the centuries to just roll over for you and the ideologues who control your party.

Between demonizing demonstrators, promoting paranoia, fighting family values, and trampling the Bill of Rights underfoot, you and Der Fuhrer are doing a great job of building the Reich back better.

If contempt for the elite is a terrorist impulse, you might as well take me into custody and trundle me off to the hoosegow. Maybe I’ll share a cell with Lady Liberty.


     A Violent Domestic Insurrectionist


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