Dr. Stella Immanuel Video: 'Let America Live'

A truth-teller exposes the hidden agenda behind the 2020 "pandemic."

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This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Stella Immanuel, author of her new book, Let America Live. Visit her at site at: DrStellaMD.com.

Dr. Immanuel discusses her new book Let America Live and exposes the hidden agenda behind the 2020 “pandemic”.

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[1] Celeste Solum:
Inside the Deep State’s Attack on Humans’ Genetic Code.


[2] Dr. Lee Merritt: The Great Reset, Terror and Group Psychosis, unveiling the taboo and horrific truths about the vaccine, the lockdowns and the mask.


[3] Rabbi Weissman: The Torah vs. The Shot - What fundamental religious tenets forbid.


[4] Dr. Madej: Horror - Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope.


[5] Vera Sharav: COVID Vaccine Mandates & Nazi Tactics — How “Auschwitz did not begin with Auschwitz.”


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