Biden's Billion-Dollar Payout to Illegals

Americans come last.

“Even if the immigration law is executed with perfection, there will be parents separated from their children.” That was Cecilia Muñoz, White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, in an October 18, 2011 interview with Gretchen Gavett of PBS. The problem, according to Muñoz, was “a broken system of laws, and the answer to that problem is reforming the law.” In the meantime, “even broken laws have to be enforced.” Therefore, parents who broke the law would be separated from their children.

As Muñoz confirmed, agents of the federal government were separating parents from their families long before the people elected Donald Trump president of the United States, but there’s more to it. As Muñoz explained, reentering the USA after deportation is a felony, and it is customary to separate convicted felons from their children. For example, when Illinois governor Rod Blagoyevich broke the law and went to prison, his children Amy and Anne didn’t go to prison with him.

Joe Biden is calling “garbage” the Wall Street Journal report that his DOJ wants to pay $450,000 to every illegal separated from their family under the Trump administration. Back in 2011, under the composite character David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, a different sort of payout was going on.

Before her White House gig, Cecilia Muñoz was vice president of the National Council of La Raza. Two of her La Raza colleagues, Juan Sanchez and Anselmo Villareal, established Southwest Key, a charitable organization with a difference. Under Obama, Southwest Key took in roughly $1 billion in federal contracts, including some $500 million for housing illegal immigrant children.

According to CNN, Juan Sanchez was bagging $1.47 million a year, “which makes him one of the highest paid charity CEOs in the country.” Southwest Key housed males ages 10-17 at a massive former Walmart in Brownsville, Texas, and also housed illegals in Arizona and California. In 2018, KXAN of Austin reported that Southwest Key had received $995 million in federal funds since 2015. For the NCLR comrades of Cecilia Muñoz, housing illegals separated from their families is a lucrative trade. Under the Biden Junta, the big money is all in transport.

Joe Biden is on record that illegals are “already Americans,” and under Alejandro Mayorkas, the Biden Department of Homeland Security is effectively the Department of Human Trafficking. John Fonte of the Hudson Institute makes a strong case that “operational control of the border is no longer in American hands,” and under the control of Mexican cartels. These are criminal organizations but behind the scenes, a more powerful dynamic is in play.

The National Council of La Raza got its name from La Raza Cósmica (The Cosmic Race), by Mexican education minister and presidential candidate Jose Vasconcelos. During World War II, Vasconcelos served as a Nazi propagandist, editor of the pro-Axis Timon magazine. As Vasconcelos, prophecied, the Ibero-American race is destined to replace all others.

Slated to fade away is the Black race, “eager for sensual joy, intoxicated with dances and unbridled lust.” Indians are an “inferior species” and the “Mongol” with his slanted eyes, “lacks the necessary boldness for new enterprises.” These too will pass away, along with the yankee “Anglos.” As the cosmic racist explains, the descendants of the English, Dutch and Scandinavians are “slow, almost dull, compared with the mestizo children from the south.” And so on.

As Mexican-American Communist Bert Corona recognized, this was the same brand of superior race theory supported by Hitler. Even so, in 1979, the Chicano Studies department at Cal State Los Angeles republished La Raza Cósmica, the core curriculum of Chicano Studies, now folded into “ethnic studies” for K-12 and a prime exhibit of institutional racism. In 2017, the National Council of La Raza conveniently changed its name to UnidosUS, but under Joe Biden the razaistas are now in full triumphal mode.

The Biden Junta has effectively eliminated the border and the massive caravans are marching north. Mayorkas tells Congress the border is “closed,” as he works three shifts to bring in illegals and ship them around the country. Here the Biden Junta has an example to follow.

During the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939-1941, Stalin invaded the Baltic states and moved in Russian nationals to help lock down the conquest. In similar style, the razaistas believe they have won and are moving in their people, with full collaboration from the Biden Junta.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the $450,000 payments to illegals are “per person,” close to $1 million per family, and the total payout could amount to $1 billion. Under this boondoggle, violators of U.S. immigration law could receive more than families of Americans killed in action with the U.S. military.

A ballpark figure for the amount given to legal immigrants is zero. Razaista rule is “America last” on full display.


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