Boris Johnson's No Social Distancing Christmas Party

The Emperor's clothes are off.

The latest announcement regarding new lockdown restrictions here in the UK has transpired. It's the so-called Plan B.

I appreciate that Plan B has a very different meaning in the USA, where it is available in CVS for those who have forgotten contraception is necessary to avoid pregnancy. But Plan B in the UK, as announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a press briefing, means the Brits are once more reduced to working from home, masking up in all places, and facing the threat of a complete lockdown for Christmas.

We can all agree it is pointless trying to rationalize with the irrational. It serves no purpose to repeat the obvious evidence that the lockdowns are neither a) necessary nor b) effective.

Something far more sinister than an irrational government policy is at play. And Middle England - that great barometer called the voice of the ordinary Brit - is not playing ball anymore.

On the same day that Boris announced Plan B measures, horrible footage was “leaked” to the press about a Christmas Party held at Number 10 Downing Street - Boris’s actual home - with cheese, wine, Secret Santas, and no social distancing. The kicker: this was December 2021.

It was a practice press conference for Boris Johnson’s spokesperson Allegra Stratton, but both the optics and the content are crucifying for a supposedly serious government determined for us to believe they are “following the science” and that “no rules were broken.”

I am no party pooper. Believe me: I have been encouraging people to dance naked on tables for the last two years - way before such things known as the Delta variant and Omicron were just a twinkle in Doctor Fauci’s eye.

Not only did Boris and his team deny such a party ever took place, even as video leaked proving it took place. But the party also took place in the week he obliterated the country with lockdowns, separated dying family members from their own, and effectively canceled Christmas.

Twelve months on, many families and individuals are still carrying the pain they endured last year. Unfortunately, many are still traumatized by being unable to be with their relatives as they passed or having their final words to their father happen down a phone line. Emotionally, the shock of watching members of Number Ten appear to be laughing at their pain, sniggering about their own party, has been too much.

From the perspective of principle, Boris appears to have stretched the elasticity of human decency beyond breaking point. He has proven he is willing to lie, lie, and lie again to try to keep power. No surprise from a politician perhaps, but still somehow shocking when the evidence of his lies is there on film for everyone to see.

Yet, it might be the impact on policy that the wheels come off the wagon. Forcing a nation to endure hardship under the guise of public health or public good is one thing. People are sufficiently altruistic to wish to protect those they care about or their family members, at least.

But if the leadership enforcing the hardship is proven to be lying and, worse, mocking the measures others are supposed to adhere to, then even the most compliant start to question their willingness to do more of the same.

#IWILLNOTCOMPLY trended on Twitter after Boris' Christmas Party, partly as an angry retort to a Prime Minister desperate to divert attention away from a political sh*t-storm of his own making and partly as a statement of intent by the many who see the idiocy of crippling a country for a “variant” which appears about as harmless as a baby beaver.

This leaves the country in a very uncomfortable position. I can almost hear the fizz of anger amongst ordinary Brits and feel the turmoil on our sidewalks. The Emperor’s clothes are off, and the British people are not enjoying the tiny excuse for manhood they are now at liberty to see.

It is quite a moment.

Unsure of who would replace Boris if he could be ousted, we must be careful to choose our monsters wisely. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are horrifying examples of what happens when the Left have control.

But we do not need all the answers to be asking the right questions: Why should the lesser monster lead the British people? We deserve better. We need a saviour figure right now.

Given the naked insolence of the man setting the rules for the country, for how much longer will even the most cowed and COVID-fearful continue to comply?


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