Fly, Elon, Fly

Elizabeth Warren seeks to clip the wings of the essence of the America Dream.

Scoring political populist points is the only thing that can explain Elizabeth Warren’s self-serving, myopic and relentless scorn of Elon Musk. To one of the greatest innovators and taxpayers in all human history, Senator Warren mockingly called on the billionaire to pay more in taxes, tweeting, “Lets change a rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else.” 

Elon Musk came to America with no money, risked everything he had, and in the process minted thousands of productive and now wealthy members of society, all while steering us, the entire world, toward a brighter future. This is the very essence of the American Dream. What world does Elizabeth Warren inhabit when her only inclination regarding Elon is to mock and ridicule him?

Her target is a guy who will personally pay upwards of $10 billion in taxes in just 2021. That is roughly equivalent to what the entire population of Boston will pay in income taxes in 2021. Or what 20,000 average American taxpayers will pay in their entire lifetimes.

This is a guy who is bending history before our very eyes to all of humankind’s benefit by accelerating the global shift to electrify transportation. That is a very big deal.

This is a guy who put it all on the line fifteen years ago in self-funding what is now the globe’s most innovative automobile company that is now, depending on the day, worth more than the next eight or nine largest global automobile companies combined. What he is doing to turn the automobile industry on its head is beyond comprehension, yet Elizabeth Warren feels compelled to berate and scold him. I can only ask: Why?

This is the guy who is revolutionizing space travel by delivering a payload into space at 1/10 the cost of NASA. This is a really big deal when you consider that until SpaceX came along, the daily cost of supplying just fresh water to the International Space Station was $500,000 a day or $180 million annually. You read that correctly.

Is Senator Warren remotely cognizant of the fact that lowering the cost of getting payloads into space by that order of magnitude will save taxpayers countless billions in the coming decades? Does she even care? Elon Musk is delivering on the promise of making space the next frontier, bringing unimaginable benefits to all of humankind, and all Fauxcahontas can do is berate and heckle.

For a mind-bending thought experiment, how about leaving those tens of billions of unspent tax dollars on space propellants in the pockets of Americans who might well fund the next Elon Musk? Or better yet, be the next Elon Musk who has the vision, constitution to deal with risk, and willingness to put it all on the line in endeavors that make the entire world richer. Would you rather have Elizabeth Warren deciding how to spend Elon’s taxes or Elon himself on whatever globe-changing innovation that is percolating in his brain?

Recall that Elizabeth Warren is a person who, without shame, leveraged her supposed 1/64th Cherokee heritage to give her advantage throughout life and yet she has the temerity to lecture Elon Musk about freeloading. Seriously? It is beyond astonishing, yet she is one of the most powerful people in government.

What we all can only wish for is the likes of Elizabeth Warren and her sycophants to pray for more Elon Musks. Humankind would be far better off. If not for some personal agenda, how could anyone resort to juvenile name-calling or referring to Elon Musk as a freeloader? He is one of the largest payers of income taxes in the history of the United States and one of the biggest givers of innovation and inspiration in all human history. Despite Elon’s extraordinary accomplishments, insults continue to roll off Senator Warren’s tongue without irony -- irony that could and should be shrugged off if it weren’t so corrosive and stunningly ignorant.

Whatever incremental taxes Senator Warren advocates Elon paying will pale in comparison to the increased wealth the world will enjoy due to him being born, even if he paid no taxes. If anything, we should be reducing the friction in Elon’s path. Thankfully, not even gravity has been able to hold Elon back, so it is hard to imagine Elizabeth Warren succeeding in her misguided and ill-conceived quest to clip his wings.

Fly, Elon, fly.

Dane Chapin has been a lifelong serial entrepreneur. The last time anyone other than himself signed his paycheck was at age 25 - or 37 years ago. He is currently CEO of a company he founded called Made Here Brand.  It is a company committed to making and sourcing goods exclusively in America. Made Here most recently launched a 100% Made in American beer in Colorado with plans to expand nationally.


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