Year Two of The Administration From Hell

But will it end well in November?

If 2021 was scary, 2022 -- the 2nd year of the administration from Planet Stupid -- will build on that disaster. You don’t need a crystal ball or the ghost of Nostradamus to see what lies ahead, and it won’t be pretty.

1. The administration will continue to blame everyone and everything for the failure of its perverse policies. We were told that COVID is responsible for snatch and grab, something called the “meat conglomerate” made chicken prices take wing, and greedy oil companies are to blame for pain at the pump. Could destroying domestic energy production possibly have anything to do with rising prices? Impossible! To suggest such a thing shows you don’t understand economics, a la AOC.

2. Chaos at the border will be the new normal. In its move to swamp the nation with welfare-state voters, the administration will continue to open the floodgates to drugs, disease, poverty, human trafficking and crime. The Border Patrol has been replaced by a revolving door.

3.  We’ll continue to fight inflation with spending. – We’ll keep spending to fight a virus that’s increasingly irrelevant. We’ll spend to fight a crime wave that anti-police policies set in motion. We’ll spend to hire more police when fewer and fewer want the job. We’ll spend on education for schools that are closed. We’ll throw money at rising prices – which is like dousing wildfires with gasoline.

4. Biden’s mental health will continue to decline. Don’t believe me? Ask President Harris. We’ll get more of those classic Joe moments, when the president stares off blankly into space at the end of a speech. Chef Boyar-dumb will keep serving up word salads. The sad old man will shuffle through a nation in ruins.

5. Internationally, it will be surrender-as-usual. – Russia will be bribed to leave Ukraine alone. China’s aggressive moves on Taiwan and efforts to achieve military superiority will be ignored. North Korea will launch more missiles. And we’ll negotiate a nuclear-arms deal with Iran which will make Barack Obama proud. Nonagenarian Nazis living in the jungles of South America will ask themselves why Biden couldn’t have been president in 1941.

6. Democrats will continue to go nuts with vaccine mandates – After all, the party’s motto is, “Don’t Just Stand There, Mandate Something.” Being sadists at heart, they love to punish people – for their own good, mind you. The “unvaccinated” will be Public Enemy #1.

7. Crime will remain America’s only growth industry -- The streets of cities like New York and Chicago will resemble Omaha Beach, except the Germans will be winning. Having survived DeBlasio, Manhattan now has a new District Attorney, Alvin Bragg (a member of the Soros Class of 2021), who refuses to prosecute “minor crimes” – like resisting arrest, trespassing and prostitution – thus fertilizing the soil from which felonies grow. (Bragg thinks criminals need to be “connected with addiction and mental health services.” He could use a shrink himself.) The riots of 2020, which Biden refused to condemn until polls showed him losing on the issue, set the stage for the lawlessness of 2021 and beyond.

8.  Racism, insurrection and COVID will be the Democrats talking points. What else do they have? Democrats will continue to regurgitate their January 6 attempt-to-overthrow-democracy fantasies. Critical race theory will reign in public schools. Always open to dispassionate debate, Democrats are saying: “If you don’t agree with us, you’re a racist, an insurrectionist, and anti-science to boot.”

9.  Inflation will be here for the duration of the Biden presidency – The Party of tax-and-spend is a mighty inflation engine. When something doesn’t work, it always doubles down.The president has just begun to recognize sky-rocketing prices after spending months telling us it was an illusion – but Republicans were to blame.

10. Democrats will continue their crusade to deconstruct the republic – They’ll try to end the filibuster, abolish the Electoral College, expand the Supreme Court and nationalize elections – all in the name of saving democracy.

The nation’s economy will look like Dresden after the bombing. The supply chain will remain broken. Crime will continue to surge. And the border will look like 1880s Tombstone on a Saturday night.

But 2022 will also be the gateway to national revival.

The year ahead will bring laughter as well as tears. Jen Psaki will keep doing stand-up comedy. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will continue to reprise Olive Oyl singing “Why am I so beautiful? Why do all the Republicans fall for me?” and the president will keep doing pratfalls on the stairs of Air Force One.

And, as Republicans apply war paint and Democrats prepare to play the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Greasy Grass (Pelosi’s Last Stand), many scalps will be taken on November 8th.


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