Joe Biden’s Fractured Fairy Tales

The President’s talent for political fiction.

Joe Biden has been called a pathological liar, Pinocchio on steroids, delusional and totally detached from reality.

That’s unfair. Instead, let’s just say the president has a flair for fiction. Think of him as a master storyteller to put Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm to shame. Here are a few of my favorite Biden bedtime stories:

  1. The Democrats Freedom to Vote Act will secure the right to vote for millions of Americans the GOP is trying to disenfranchise – Biden said Republicans working for election reform (secure ballots) are on the side of George Wallace not Martin Luther King. So, according to POTUS, to stand with the civil rights icon means supporting ballots mailed out en masse, casting ballots by putting them in drop-boxes, no requirement of signature verification, and no ID of any sort if you vote in person. DC now requires proof of vaccination and a photo ID to enter most indoor venues. That must mean that Mayor Bowser stands with George Wallace.
  2. White Supremacy is a threat to democracy – Did white supremacists riot in more than 23 states in 2020, burning whole city blocks? (Actually, that was BLM and Antifa.) Are there hundreds of churches preaching white supremacy? (No, but there are hundreds of mosques preaching jihad.) Are foreign governments supporting white nationalism? (Oh, you must mean the way Iran, Yemen and half a dozen other Islamic states fund jihad here?) White supremacy is the Democrats’ “look-over-here” ploy to distract the credulous from Islamic extremism and leftists subversion.
  3. What happened on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection or an attempted coup, if you prefer. – You betcha, struck at the very heart of democracy it did. Except, the only death directly attributable to the riot at the Capitol was an unarmed protestor shot by Capitol police. In fact, none of the rioters had guns. (How do you overthrow a government with supersonic jets by throwing folding chairs?) January 6, 2021 is the Democrats’ Reichstag fire. The goal is to criminalize the conservative movement and the half of the country that agrees with Donald Trump. The real threat to democracy isn’t the non-insurrection of 2021, but using the myth to crush dissent.
  4. America does not have a crime problem. In 2021, 12 cities reached new highs for the number of homicides. Police officers intentionally killed in the line of duty hit a 20-year high. Many cities are plagued with smash and grab. In Los Angeles, railroad cars are looted as they stand on sidings. Homeless crazies stab women to death and throw them onto subway tracks. There are mayors who pander to the criminal element, prosecutors who put those arrested back on the streets as fast as they’re processed and a president who all but calls cops racists. A crime problem -- where would that come from?
  5. America is racist – We fought a civil war with half-a-million dead to abolish slavery. Segregation would not have ended without the support of the white majority in the 1960s. You can say anything – and I do mean anything – about Caucasians and nobody blinks an eye. But use the “N-word” (even in jest) once and your life is destroyed. POTUS thinks COVID treatment should go to minorities first. We’re racist the way Outer Mongolia is anti-Semitic.
  6. Only the rich will pay the administration’s proposed tax hikes – This is a familiar refrain from the party of plunder. Every time they propose a new tax hike, we’re assured that only-the-top-1%, super-rich, multi-millionaires will pay it. How is it then that in 2018 the average filer paid $15,322 in federal income taxes alone – almost $46,000 for a family of three. Democrats use the rich as bait to get the middle class to stick its head in a noose.
  7. We can fight inflation with spending – This is like fighting wildfires by spraying gasoline from a crop duster. Spending drives inflation. The U.S. government is now running a deficit of 7.8% of GDP. Of course, it’s just a coincidence that in the same year Washington spent trillions to supposedly fight COVID, stimulate the economy, and repair infrastructure, inflation reached its highest level in almost 40 years.
  8. The rising cost of gas has nothing to do with the administration’s energy fantasies. As soon as he took office, President Green set about making America a net energy importer once again – the Keystone XL pipeline cancelled, new oil and gas leases on public land and waters prohibited, an impossible green agenda embraced (promises to cut emissions by as much as 52% from 2005 levels by 2030). We’ve paid for this with a 58% increase in the price of gas in the past year (home heating up 34%). Biden’s policies have worked wonders for the energy sector – Russia’s.
  9. There is no crisis at the Border – Think of what’s happening at the border not as a crisis but an opportunity -- for Democrats to import a new electorate. Those midnight flights to relocate thousands of illegals across the country is an urban legend. Pictures of illegal encampments just south of the border – an optical illusion. Just ask Vice President Harris. She was close to the border -- once.

Oh, and the pullout from Afghanistan? It was easily the most successful military operation since the D-Day landings.

As Sinbad the Biden spins his yarns, in thousands of ways a million times a day, life gets harder and harder for the average American. Unlike Biden’s fractured fairy tales, Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid didn’t come with trillion-dollar price tags attached.


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