Naomi’s Prayer

Feminist author Naomi Wolf confronts the “forces of darkness” now battling for “the human soul.”

“It is time to start talking about spiritual combat again, I personally believe. Because I think that that is what we are in, and the forces of darkness are so big that we need help.”

That may sound like someone from EWTN or TBN but it’s Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, Misconceptions, and Vagina. Wolf once called UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, “a woman without a uterus,” though Wolf had no children at the time and Kirkpatrick had three. So Wolf’s brand of feminism is not exactly friendly to distinguished women of conservative inclinations. Recent events have brought about a radical change.

On January 9, Wolf authored, “Is it Time for Intellectuals to Talk about God?” a 3,868-word essay subtitled, “It’s a New Dark Age. Evil abounds. Is a postmodern embarrassment about discussing spiritual matters, keeping us stupid and putting us in danger?” The object of this spiritual battle is nothing short of the human soul, and one side is “targeting the human body that houses it.” Since the dawn of the pandemic, Wolf finds, the feminist rallying cry of “our bodies, our choice” has been abandoned.

“The rest of the world, at least on the progressive side in the United States, became increasingly cult-like and insular in its thinking, since March of 2020.” At that time,  “lifelong critical thinkers, journalists, editors, researchers, doctors, philanthropists, teachers, psychologists — all began to repeat only talking points from MSNBC and CNN, and soon overtly refused to look at any sources –even peer-reviewed sources in medical journals – even CDC data – that contradicted those talking points.” (italics original)

Wolf is talking about “my people, my tribe,” all those “feminist health advocates” who were “silent in view of HHS warnings that the spike protein from MRNA vaccines may accumulate in the ovaries.” These “luminaries of feminist health activism,” failed to speak out and “two or three of us who did were very visibly smeared, in some cases threatened, and in many ways silenced.”

This was all part of the “edifice of evil too quickly erected, too complex and really, too elegant, to assign to just human awfulness and human inventiveness.” Wolf decries

this dilution even of parents’ sense of protectiveness over the bodies and futures of their helpless minor children, this acceptance of a world in which people can’t gather to worship, these suddenly-manifested structures themselves that erected this demonic world in less than two years and imposed it on everyone else.

As she notes:

I felt around us, in the majestic nature of the awfulness of the evil around us, the presence of ‘principalities and powers’ — almost awe-inspiring levels of darkness and of inhuman, anti-human forces. In the policies unfolding around us I saw again and again anti-human outcomes being generated: policies aimed at killing children’s joy; at literally suffocating children, restricting their breath, speech and laughter; at killing school; at killing ties between families and extended families; at killing churches and synagogues and mosques; and, from the highest levels, from the President’s own bully pulpit, demands for people to collude in excluding, rejecting, dismissing, shunning, hating their neighbors and loved ones and friends.

When it comes to evil, on the other hand, Wolf could be understating the matter. 

At the Wuhan Institute of Virology, controlled by China’s Communist Party, scientists deployed gain-of-function research to make viruses more transmissible, and more lethal. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, funded that research then lied about it.

In early 2020, Fauci opposed President Trump’s ban on travel from China and recommended destructive lockdowns that caused untold suffering and loss. Dr. Fauci authorized trials of the cytotoxic drug AZT on foster children in New York. Children are at low risk for COVID but Dr. Fauci wants to vaccinate them beginning in the first grade. If embattled parents called that evil it would be hard to blame them.

Naomi Wolf recently spoke at a gathering of “medical freedom advocates” who continued to gather through the depths of the lockdown. In this pleasant company, Wolf again started to pray and speak publicly about God, with good reason:

We who are Jews, though, do have a history and literature that lets us talk about spiritual battle between the forces of God and negative forces that debase, that profane, that seek to ensnare our souls. We have seen this drama before, and not that long ago; about eighty years ago.

In 2022, therefore, we stand in need of help from a Being, “better armed to fight true darkness, than ourselves alone.”

Thanks Naomi, and as Victor Laszlo might say, welcome back to the fight.


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