Biden Administration Prepares to Lift Title 42 Restrictions

Another Biden-made catastrophe in the offing.

The flood of illegal immigrants crossing over the southern border with Mexico into the United States is about to become a tsunami of illegal immigrants and a potential COVID-19 super spreader. That is because the Biden administration, buckling to pressure from leftwing pro-illegal immigration activists, has announced plans to lift the Title 42 entry restrictions that have been in effect since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky did President Joe Biden’s dirty work by issuing a Title 42 termination notice in which she wrote that “I find there is no longer a public health justification” for continuing to keep the Title 42 authorization order in effect.

Yet curiously there seems to be “a public health justification” for the Biden administration to request $22.5 billion in additional funding from Congress for “immediate needs to avoid disruption to ongoing COVID response efforts over the next few months.”

The Biden administration will be recklessly increasing those “immediate needs” by lifting Title 42 entry restrictions and allowing many thousands of potentially infected illegal immigrants into the United States.

The COVID-19 epidemic is not over, as government officials in Washington, D.C., including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have found out the hard way when they recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki criticized opponents, which includes some Democrats, of increased spending for COVID-19 relief without also requiring that Title 42 continue to be applied.

“If we do not have treatments, vaccines, or tests that the American people need, Americans will die from COVID,” Psaki said during her April 7th press briefing. If that is so, then why is the Biden administration willing to play Russian roulette with the lives of  the American people by lifting the protections afforded by Title 42 while the COVID-19 pandemic rages on?

Title 42 was invoked to protect the health of the American people from illegal immigrant carriers of the coronavirus. It is still vitally needed.

Title 42 has allowed Border Patrol agents on public health grounds to immediately expel migrants who attempt to enter the country without giving them the opportunity first to claim asylum. More than a million migrants have been expelled under this program. The Biden administration continued invoking Title 42 authority, although it has trimmed back the number of expulsions since taking office. In less than a month and a half, Title 42 expulsions will be no more, unless a court puts the brakes on the Biden administration’s reckless termination decision.

Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri have sued the Biden administration to prevent the termination of the Title 42 authorization order. The lawsuit describes the use of Title 42 as “the only safety valve preventing this Administration’s disastrous border policies from devolving into an unmitigated chaos and catastrophe.” It expressed concern that the “unlawful termination of the Title 42 policy will induce a significant increase of illegal immigration into the United States with many migrants asserting non-meritorious asylum claims.”

Even with Title 42 in place, as many as 7000 illegal immigrants a day are now being apprehended by border officials, many of whom are processed and then released into communities across the United States. Once Title 42 authorization is terminated, the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has conceded that as many as 18,000 migrants could be apprehended daily after crossing the border illegally. And that startling number does not count the illegal immigrants who cross the border and manage to successfully elude apprehension.

“There are a significant number of individuals who were unable to access the asylum system for the past two years, and who may decide that now is the time to come,” said Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus.

No kidding! Word of the planned termination of Title 42 entry restrictions has spread widely among migrants seeking to enter the United States. There is already a huge backlog of so-called asylum seekers expelled under Title 42 who are waiting in Mexico to return to the United States when Title 42 is lifted. Many thousands more will be incentivized to make the trek to the U.S. from their home countries.

Human trafficking networks throughout Mexico, Central America, and elsewhere are no doubt gearing up for the huge anticipated uptick in business.

The Biden administration’s unconvincing answer is that the Department of Homeland Security will be ready to manage the increased surges of illegal immigrants resulting from the end of the use of Title 42 to restrict entry.

Border Patrol agents on the ground would beg to differ, given the administration's horrendous record so far. Some agents have already complained that the current numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day are out of control. It defies any shred of common sense to believe that border agents will be able to cope with more than double the current number of daily arrivals when Title 42 entry restrictions go away.

“We’re already in a position where things are as bad as they have ever been,” said one Border Patrol agent. “To think they’re going to get worse, it’s hard to quantify that.”

The CDC has already declared that it plans to scale up a program to vaccinate the new arrivals against COVID-19. But what does this mean in practical terms?

Consider, as an example, the Pfizer vaccine, which must be taken in two doses about three weeks apart and reportedly costs $19.50 per dose. Assuming that 18,000 new illegal immigrants are apprehended each day after Title 42 is lifted, the cost to vaccinate that many individuals with just the initial dose will come to $351,000 daily, which translates to more than $128 million annually. In addition, there is the question of whether the illegal immigrants given their first dose upon apprehension will be detained until they receive their second dose three weeks later. Will they instead be released after they receive their first dose on a wing and a prayer that they will get their second dose on their own?

As for those migrants who refuse to take the vaccine, some of them may be temporarily detained while others who are immediately released will be strictly “monitored,” according to the Biden administration. Immediate expulsion will no longer be on the table for even the most strident illegal immigrant vaccine resisters!

How will the released illegal immigrants be monitored? They will receive free cell phones, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

You cannot make this stuff up. Naïve does not begin to describe a policy that trusts released illegal immigrants to keep the cell phones on their persons at all times rather than dispose of the phones at their convenience to elude tracking. Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants will be getting free phones at the same time that American taxpayers who foot the bill will have to continue paying for their own phones.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has the right idea. He is getting buses ready to transport volunteer illegal immigrants released into border communities to Washington D.C. after Title 42 is lifted.

“Joe Biden has refused to come to the border to see the chaos that he has created by his open border policies,” Governor Abbott said. “So we are going to take the border to him by transporting the people that he is dropping off in these local communities in the state of Texas, and sending them to Washington by plane or by bus.”

Vice President Kamala Harris’s official 33-room residence on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory should be one of the key Washington D.C. destinations for these illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration’s “Border Czar” has still not visited the southern border communities where the crisis precipitated by the Biden administration’s open border policies is getting worse by the day. Her short visit to El Paso, many miles away from where the crisis is taking place, was nothing more than a photo op. The photo op did nothing to educate the “Border Czar” about the “root causes” for masses of men, women, and children to take dangerous voyages from their home countries to cross into the United States illegally.

The answer should already be clear from past interviews with migrants from Central and South America. Many migrants are seeking a better life in the United States and have counted on President Biden to welcome them into the country despite their illegal entry. More migrants will be anxious to come to the United States with the Biden administration’s lifting of Title 42. The crisis at the hardest hit border communities will spin even further out of control.

If Vice President Harris still decides that it is not worth her time to visit these besieged communities, then the illegal immigrants boarding the D.C.-bound buses from those communities need to visit her and bring truth to power. Harris’s visitors can explain to her in person their real “root causes” for leaving their home countries and making the long dangerous trek to the United States.


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