Biden: ‘This MAGA Crowd is Really the Most Extreme Political Organization in Recent American History’

Think about what this means regarding all the ones he considers less extreme.

Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out, as David Horowitz has noted, and they’re getting out. The Democrats are stepping up efforts to portray their opponents as wild-eyed lunatics who are enemies of all that is good and must be suppressed for the common good, and this effort has taken on a new intensity in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court decision that suggests that Roe v. Wade could be overturned. On Wednesday, Joe Biden claimed that Trump supporters were the “most extreme” group in modern American history. Think about all the groups that means Biden thinks were not as extreme as those who support the former president.

Biden said this in the process of issuing dark, hysterical, and baseless warnings about what could happen if Roe v. Wade really were consigned to the hazardous waste disposal bin of history. “What happens,” Biden intoned, “if you have a state change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? Is that legit under the way that the decision is written? What are the next things that are going to be attacked? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history — in recent American history.”

Robert Byrd was a senator from West Virginia from 1959 to 2010, one of the political lifers who have become such a dominant presence these days. Before he became a senator, he was an exalted cyclops, that is, head of one of the Ku Klux Klan’s local chapters; Byrd also recruited many others to join the KKK. Eulogizing Byrd in July 2010, Joe Biden said: “And Robert C. Byrd was the fierce -- most fierce defender of not only the state, but the way of life -- I think the most fierce defender that probably this state has ever known in its history.” The “way of life”? Like segregation and lynching and the terrorizing of black people? Of course, Byrd later repudiated the Klan and expressed regret for ever having been involved in it, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was in it, and Biden has now gone on record saying that he believes that supporters of Donald Trump are “more extreme” than the KKK. Given his fulsome words at Byrd’s funeral, that isn’t all that surprising.

Biden is likewise saying that Antifa is not as extreme as Trump supporters. Now, “extreme” is a subjective word. Whether or not you think someone or something is “extreme” depends on where you yourself are standing. Japan is extremely far away from the United States, but from China, it isn’t extremely far at all. So where is Joe Biden standing, that Trump supporters are so extreme from his vantage point? Biden himself is closer ideologically to Antifa than to MAGA, and remember: journalist Andy Ngo reported in late August 2020 that “around 700 black bloc militants and their supporters rampaged through Oakland, Cal. They chanted ‘death to America’ while starting fires and smashing cars and buildings.” The week before that, according to Townhall’s Julio Rosas, “An American flag was just burned outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. One woman screams, ‘Death to America!’ and kicks the fence.” Where is Joe Biden standing? With the “Death to America” crowd.

Joe Biden also apparently thinks that Black Lives Matter, with its agenda of racial division and hatred, and the black nationalism that has given us the likes of Darrell Brooks, who plowed his car through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21, 2021, killing six people and injuring 62, and Frank James, who shot ten people on the New York subway on April 12, 2022, are less extreme than people who believe America should have an actual Southern border, and energy independence, and fiscal responsibility, and a military that focuses on defending the nation rather than on showcasing the latest cultural fads.

Of course, it’s very clear what game is being played. Biden’s handlers gave him this to say as part of their efforts to rule Trump and his supporters outside the realm of what is to be allowed as acceptable political opinion. It’s a fundamentally authoritarian endeavor and one that is at complete variance with the American spirit of free inquiry and free expression. One might even venture to say that Biden’s position was…extreme.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 23 books including many bestsellers, such as The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)The Truth About Muhammad and The History of Jihad. His latest book is The Critical Qur’an. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


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