12 Signs You’re an Ultra-MAGA Republican

A handy guide.

We’re told it took a PR firm six months to come up with “ultra-Maga Republicans” – the latest addition to the playbook of Democrat smears of Middle America, along with basketful of deplorables and bitter-clingers.

Speaking to reporters, the Empty Suit in Chief said, “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization in American, in recent American history” – a conclusion he reached after polling Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Squad, and Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Departing Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “I think what has struck (the president) is how extreme some of the policies and proposals are that a certain wing of the Republican party, that is taking up too much of the Republican party are for and are advocating for (sic.).

If you require further clarification, here’s a handy guide to tell if you’re one of the dreaded Trumpian extremists.

You might be an Ultra-MAGA Republican if you think:

  1. There should be one standard of justice -- Fourteen states and D.C. have anti-speech bubble-zones around abortion clinics, but mobs of pro-abortion harpies with bullhorns can descend on the homes of Supreme Court Justices with impunity. If you argue with school board members about the indoctrination of your children, at open meetings, the DOJ will investigate you as a domestic terrorist. If you harass Senators in Capitol elevators about their votes on Supreme Court nominations, apparently, that’s your First Amendment right.
  2. The mainstream media consistently lies and distorts the news. Hunter Biden’s laptop was a hoax, they told us. The Steele Dossier (invented to smear Trump as a Russian agent) was real, they said. Man-made global warming is an incontrovertible truth, they insist. Instead of The New York Times and Washington Post, the gullible should get their news directly from the Democratic National Committee and cut out the middlemen.
  3. Fighting inflation by raising taxes is like fighting crime by recycling – Biden’s fiscal binge, which flooded the country with $4.8 trillion in COVID-relief money, gave us the highest inflation in almost 40 years. The solution, besides spending more? Make the wealthy pay their “fair share.” Whenever in doubt, Democrats want to raise taxes. The Biden White House is Non Sequitur City.
  4. Energy at the pump is worth more than oil in the ground – A year ago, the average price of gas nationally was $3.00 a gallon. Now, it’s $4.47 – the highest in history. Democrats won’t admit that Biden’s scorched-earth war on fossil fuel is responsible for this disaster. According to the White House, it’s Putin’s war in the Ukraine, pent-up demand after COVID lockdowns, greedy oil companies – anything but the Green (that used to be in your wallet) New Deal.
  5. Crime control is about getting criminals off the streets – Soros’ prosecutors release dangerous thugs as fast as the police can arrest them. Cops are retiring in record numbers. Recruitment is way down. In 2020, Democrats conducted a war on law enforcement. Criminals were emboldened, police disheartened. The result is back to the jungle.
  6. The border is there to keep out undesirables – This would include career criminals, gang members, parasites and future Democrat voters. Biden thinks the way to control the border is to move illegals into the interior as quickly as possible -- Operation Joe Drop.
  7. The homeless crisis is an addiction/mental health crisis. California has one-fifth of the nation’s homeless population. Per capita, New York, California, Oregon, Washington State and Hawaii have the largest homeless populations. All are blue states that believe the way to deal with the problem is to throw money at sprawling encampments riddled with drugs, disease and crime. It’s estimated that 60-70% of the homeless are mentally ill or suffer from addiction. Yet the establishment insists that these are just ordinary folks who are down on their luck.
  8. White supremacy is as much a threat to America as astrology or phrenology – White nationalists may commit horrific acts of violence (like their black counterparts) but they do not burn down cities, control curricula in public schools or appear on television to lecture us on the supposed injustices heaped on the white community. Fashionable middle-class neighborhoods don’t display “White Lives Matter” signs.
  9.  Reproductive rights are a license to kill – You can’t “choose” to murder. Pro-aborts used to say the unborn child was a “lump of cells” even at 10 to 12 weeks -- when it had fingers, toes, a heartbeat and detectable brainwaves. Now a “clump of cells” includes a baby just seconds away from birth. In Buffalo on Saturday, 10 innocents were murdered in a racist rampage. At a typical abortion mill (where 38% of the victims are black), that’s a slow day.
  10. For an administration that lies repeatedly, a Disinformation Board is the height of chutzpah – Just a select few of the more fantastic falsehoods: The president never benefited from his son’s business dealings. There was no COVID vaccine under Trump. And the border is secure. A Biden Disinformation Board is almost as ironic as the calling the official organ of the old Soviet Communist Party – Pravda (Truth).
  11. You can’t shape reality – As Patrick Daniel Moynihan said: “You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” A man doesn’t become a woman by putting on a bra. Thinking it’s fairer doesn’t make socialism work. Deciding the mission of our military is combating carbon emissions does not make for an effective fighting force. Saying diversity is our greatest strength is counterintuitive.
  12. Biden is one of the worst presidents in U.S. history – In a May 12th Monmouth poll, the Socialist Sock Puppet had a 38% approval rating with 57% disapproving. Under his leadership, almost 80% of registered voters now say the country is heading in the wrong direction. As a candidate, the president said he’d unite America. That’s one promise he kept.

“Ultra-MAGA Republicans” is a mouthful. Instead, just say you’re patriotic, you work for a living, you believe in God not government, you support the Constitution – or -- you’re normal.


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