Life Lessons With Doctor Bob: U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier

The price a Lt. Colonel paid for exposing Marxist trends in America’s military.

Robert J. Shillman, aka “Doctor Bob,” has been a supporter of The David Horowitz Freedom Center for many years. He has recently started a podcast, Life Lessons with Doctor Bob, and he has agreed to let us share those valuable lessons about achieving success with our readers. His in-depth interviews with interesting and successful people prove that, unlike the MSM’s portrayal of America, this nation has been, and continues to be, a land of opportunity for anyone willing to put in the effort. Make sure to subscribe to the show at Doctor Bob's website:

In this new episode of Life Lessons with Doctor Bob, Doctor Bob welcomes U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, who was abruptly terminated after release of his book exposing the Marxist trends in America’s current military establishment. Matthew talks with Dr. Bob about the reasons he is still fighting for America, even now without his uniform.

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