Excerpt from Dr. Naomi Wolf's 'The Bodies of Others'

The human advantages over technology -- and why the globalists long to annihilate them.

Editors' note: In this powerful excerpt from her new book, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, Dr. Naomi Wolf examines the human advantages over technology -- and why the globalist elites long to annihilate them. Dr. Wolf's analysis of the threat that the enemies of the human advantage pose to humanity is essential reading. Shillman Fellow Bruce Bawer has called Dr. Wolf's book "The Book of Our Time" and stated that it "belongs on the bookshelf in the company of titles like 1984 and Darkness at Noon and Witness." To order a copy of her new book: CLICK HERE.


As a political force, humans in “analog/humane” spaces have unmatchable superpowers. A group of humans in a local town hall, or a statehouse, or Congress, or Parliament have powers that they lose when driven to digital alternatives. In person, they can privately caucus and form alliances. They can lobby one another in confidence. They can review paper documents together. They can point things out to one another free from censorship and surveillance.

A speech is a radical technology. A smile is a radical technology. It boosts endorphins better than a hundred smiley emojis. A physical classroom is a radical technology. A community of human beings is a radical technology.

They are miraculously sophisticated technologies, the human body and mind, human touch and faces and verbal communication, especially within a group of fellow humans, in a classroom, a library, a statehouse, a church. Digital technology simply cannot touch these advantages. And Big Tech knows and hates that fact.

These human advantages over technology are precisely what the world of Big Tech, supported by powerful globalist allies, longs to annihilate. For these “analog/humane” spaces and analog products are far more empowering to human beings than is the digital alternative world.

Indeed, these enemies of the human advantage seek to erase it all — physical flirtation, physical play, physical expressions of love, physical worship, physical teamwork.

By isolating us for more than a year and a half, leaving us terrified in our homes, and bombarding our minds with messages that activate the amygdala, where fear is processed and reason cannot enter — and then re-allowing humans only to reconnect in restricted, muffled, silenced, and surveilled ways — our elites have stifled troublesome Western cultural norms and effectively made us far more manageable and more completely controlled within their own digital matrices.

Again it was left to the WEF’s shameless Klaus Schwab to openly envisage the future he sees via technology. Quoting Eric Schmidt, the then-executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Schwab observed: “The coming decade would be a battle between robots and humans, and to win that battle we would have to know what makes us human.”

What did not have to be said was that the WEF and its Big Tech allies have indeed examined the question of what makes us human, only to use that analysis in alliance with the machines against the humans.

And the obvious first step in that process is the obliteration of free assembly, of community.

As pandemic panic took hold, “restrictions” poured out in waves around the formerly free world, echoing one another, but continually shifting and changing their flavor, endlessly assaulting a disoriented, increasingly fragmented, and psychologically fragile set of formerly free nations. (Remember: AI models can tweak simultaneous soundbites and input global outcomes to alter them in real time, in a “cat’s cradle” type of dynamic.)

It is no exaggeration to say that these coordinated offenses, orchestrated by government in lockstep alliance with tech and pharmaceutical companies and the dominant media, represent an evil we had never seen before in human history.

Worldwide, as well as state by US state, we heard the same sound-bites and the same charges aimed at those who dared speak up against these plans; we saw the same novel methods of bypassing legislatures and laws to empower boards of health to restrict rights and liberties. Later we saw the same vaccination goals in nation after nation, and the same abuse heaped upon the recalcitrant. Finally, we observed the same punishments, from the denial of access to restaurants to the denial of the right to work — even the same lures of free donuts or McDonald’s coupons to cajole “the hesitant” to fall into line.

The end goal is something much darker than simply a dark-enough world in which everyone is coercively vaccinated, whether they are at risk or not, whether they have natural immunity or not, a world in which “boosters” for seven billion people annually are guaranteed forever.

The end goal, rather, is to ensure that our pre–March 2020 world disappears forever. Irretrievable. To be replaced with a world in which all human endeavor is behind a digital paywall, and a world in which all of us ask the permission of technology to gain access to the physical world, access to culture and access to other human beings.

The data presented in 2020 about the uselessness and harms of “lockdown” were reconfirmed again and again. The Great Barrington Declaration had warned, in October 2020, that this would be the case. In 2021, The Wall Street Journal reached that conclusion again, after tens of thousands of businesses had permanently closed. Eight months after that, a study in Johns Hopkins University’s Studies in Applied Economics series reached that conclusion yet again.26 But it was not until February 2022, that tanking poll numbers, an internal memo from a campaign advisor, and a court decision to lay bare 55,000 pages of Pfizer internal documents28 led US governors and the US presidential administration to pull back on “masking,” “mandates,” and “restrictions.”

The real goal had nothing to do with public health.The real goal is to dissolve and destroy Western and human culture, and to replace it with a techno-fascistic culture — a culture in which we have forgotten what free human beings can do.

The crime that was perpetrated during the pandemic years of 2020–22 was perhaps the greatest ever committed against humanity.

And it is being perpetrated still.



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