ObamaCare's Dirty Little Secret -- on The Glazov Gang

Get ready for the lines you see at the DMV.

secretThe Glazov Gang was joined by titans Mell Flynn, a Hollywood actress and the president of the Hollywood Congress of Republicans, Kai Chen, a former basketball star on the Chinese national team and the author of One in a Billion, and Monty Morton, a Conservative Entrepreneur and walking Encyclopedia of Economics.

The Gang gathered to discuss ObamaCare's Dirty Little Secret. The discussion occurred in Part II and warned Americans to ready for the lines that they see at the DMV. The segment also shed light on What The $17 Trillion Debt Really Means, Mao's Kitchen in Los Angeles and Sean Penn's Call for Ted Cruz and Tea Party Members to be Institutionalized:

Part II:

In Part I the Gang focused on To Lie for ObamaCare, shedding light on the falsehoods told by the president to force his socialist medicare plan on the American people.  The guests also dissected the catastrophe that ObamaCare will inflict on America.

Part I:

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