TruthRevolt's Victory: MSNBC's Sexist Martin Bashir Resigns

Our petition on Bashir's vile comments about Sarah Palin hit its mark., the latest project from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, scored a major victory on Wednesday with the resignation of the sexist Martin Bashir at MSNBC.

On Nov 15, broke the story that Bashir ranted on-air that someone should “p*ss” and “sh*t” in Sarah Palin’s mouth as punishment for the former governor’s comparison of burdening future generations with crippling debt to slavery.

TruthRevolt immediately went to work, launching a petition calling on MSNBC to Drop the Sexist Bashir for what may be the most vile comments ever made by a mainstream host on an American television network.

The petition gained national attention when it was linked by the DrudgeReport and by

By the time Bashir went to air Monday, he was forced to open his show with a lengthy apology.

However, MSNBC was still silent on the matter, demonstrating both arrogance in the face of genuine criticism, and a disgusting double-standard considering their actions against conservatives for insensitive remarks in the past.

TruthRevolt redoubled their efforts, leading a multifaceted campaign against MSNBC, and more importantly, Bashir advertisers CapitalOne, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Bayer.

For two-weeks, the thousand-person strong TruthRevolt Special Ops Volunteers inundated these organizations with phone calls, emails and tweets, specifically their upper management and marketing departments.

When another MSNBC host, Alec Baldwin, was suspended from the network for anti-gay slurs – another TruthRevolt victory – the team hit the beleaguered network over the absurdity of punishing a man for something said in anger in his private life while remaining silent on the scripted, producer-approved slurs actually made over their broadcast.

Bashir’s resignation marks the latest in a rapid succession of victories for the freshman website. In fewer than three months, they have led successful campaigns against two MSNBC hosts, caused a major advertiser to drop Politico over a columnist there calling for Speaker Boehner to be drowned, forced an apology from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal for publishing a cartoon comparing the Tea Party to Islamic Suicide bombers, and pressed CNBC host Steve Liesman to apologize for racist comments about Senator Ted Cruz.