Caroline Glick at the Wednesday Morning Club

The author of "The Israeli Solution" discusses the one-state plan for peace in the Middle East.

cgThe gravamen of Caroline Glick’s case against the so-called “two-state solution” is the entirely false premise created by the international community that “land for peace” will work. There is a profound flaw in this premise: Israel keeps ceding land, but gets no peace.

During her talk about her new and insightful book, The Israeli Solution, Ms. Glick deftly expanded on this view at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club in Beverly Hills on March 25th.

Introducing Ms. Glick to the audience, David Horowitz referred to Ms. Glick’s muscular intelligence, something which is always on display in her articles, her lectures and within the covers of her new book, in which she lays out her “one-state plan for peace in the Middle East.”

Ms. Glick noted that the surrealism and delusion which created the “two-state solution” has infected the White House, the United Nations, the European Union and almost every chancellery throughout the world. The reason for this, she believes, is the accepted fabrication that Israel was reconstituted on someone else’s land and therefore Israel has no right to be there. Israel and the Jews, therefore, are the cause of all of the trouble in the region. Fortified by the propaganda belched forth by the Palestinian Myth Machine, that well-fueled clanking contraption of distortion, the so-called international community has developed an almost endless capacity for realizing hallucinations. One recent example is the University of Michigan's siding with virulent anti-Semites in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Ms. Glick also tackled the demographic voodoo used to justify the “two-state solution” by explaining that the birthrate amongst the Arab Palestinians is beginning to mirror the collapse of the birthrate in Iran to 1.7% whereas the birthrate amongst Israeli Jews has increased. She also drew attention to the shock waves that travelled through the world when President Obama unceremoniously dumped President Mubarak of Egypt and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which is menacing and seeks to destroy the Jews. Another disturbing development has been the training in Judea and Samaria of about 70,000 men in the Palestinian security militia equipped with American materiel and trained by U.S. General Dayton. In the event of Israel’s possible hostilities with Iran, who would this militia support, she asked?

Israel has far greater historical claim to the land and unimpeachable legal rights to it, as confirmed by the Treaty of San Remo of 1920 (Israel's Magna Carta) and the subsequent confirmations of that right by the League of Nations and the United Nations. In light of the consistent intransigence of the Arab Palestinians, demonstrated by their naming of streets, sports arenas and public squares after terrorist killers and paying them while in jail, as well as the recent declarations by the Palestinian Authority that it will not recognize a Jewish state, that there will be no end to its claim for a “right to return” and that there will be no end of aggression towards Israel even after the creation of a Palestinian state, Caroline Glick has settled on a “one-plan solution.”

This involves reestablishing sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, a significant part of Israel’s ancient and historic homeland where Jerusalem was its undivided capital a thousand years before Christ and sixteen hundred years before Mohammed.

Taking into account all of the historical revision and the historical amnesia with which the world is afflicted when it comes to most things Israeli, it behooves us to remember something George Will wrote in 2010:

Palestine has a seemingly limitless capacity for eliciting nonsense from afar…. The creation of Israel did not involve the destruction of a Palestinian state, there having been no such state since the Romans arrived. If the Jewish percentage of the world’s population were today what it was when the Romans ruled Palestine, there would be 200 million Jews today. After a uniquely hazardous passage through two millennia without a homeland there are 13 million Jews.

In the 62 years since this homeland was founded on one sixth of 1 percent of what is carelessly and inaccurately called "the Arab World," Israelis have never know an hour of real peace. Patronizing American lectures on the reality of risks and the desirableness of peace, which once were merely fatuous, are now obscene.

Ms. Glick’s talk showed that with her usual piercing insight she detected this obscenity long ago and that her book “The Israeli Solution” may well contain the long overdue remedy for such obscenity and provide the Jewish people with their one despairing wish to live at peace with their neighbors.

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