Freedom from the Hijab

Women in Iran revolt.

unnamed2 Photo credit: Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women

Another Iranian women posted a picture of herself, standing in water in one of the governmental fields. She said, “Freedom is a right of every human being. Freedom... happiness... colorfulness... is the right of every Iranian woman. Freedom is a right, and rights are to be fought for and obtained! They will not give it to you. So we will attain our rights ourselves.”

A husband takes a photo of his wife in Masooleh, in the north of Iran. It is posted on the Facebook page with almost 3000 likes in one day. She is jumping in the air spreading her hands and feeling the breeze through her hair. She writes, “Here is Masooleh. We searched and searched until we found a place devoid of any observer! It was us… and the sun and the spring breeze! We jumped and pranced until we got tired and then lay down on the grass and slept a few hours without having to worry. If you cannot bear to see these stealthy freedoms we breed for ourselves, then see it and burn. Taken by my dear husband.” 

Yes, having a dream that one day they could walk through the streets or university dormitories with the wind blowing through their hair is something many women think of every day.  

I totally agree that some women wear the hijab of their own volition (or to be more precise, I truly believe that they have been indoctrinated by the religion, Imams, fear of Islam, fear of Allah’s punishment, or empty promises of comfort in this life and afterlife), but this does not mean all women should be forced and ordered to wear this thick cloth over their bodies, which does not have any other purpose other than hurting oneself. 

I remember my youngest sister, when she was 9 years old, would wake up almost everyday for several months in the middle of night having nightmares because her teacher and school’s Imam said that if they take of their hijab, that God has said they will be hung from their hair and tongue infinitely in Jahanam (hell) and that they will be burned over and over again for millions of years. What a merciful and lovely God (Allah) who does such things!


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