The American Boomerang

Author Nick Adams’ new book outlines how the world's greatest 'turnaround' nation will do it again.

American_BoomerangFrontpage Interview’s guest today is Nick Adams, an internationally renowned Australian speaker, lecturer, author, and media commentator. He is best known for his work in the field of American exceptionalism. He is the author of the new book, The American Boomerang: How the World's Greatest 'Turnaround' Nation Will Do It Again.

FP: Nick Adams, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Adams: Thank you Jamie, good to be here.

FP: Congratulations on your new book. Let’s begin with this question: Why does an Australian care what happens in America?

Adams: Jamie, what’s good for America is good for the world. A weak America is a weak world. A strong America is a strong world. The world becomes a much more dangerous place when America is weak. Everyone in the world should care about America staying number one.

FP: Tell us about your new book and why people should read it.

Adams: This book violates left-wing taboos in every chapter, if not in every line.

More than that, the most powerful case exists against anti-Americanism, and yet it has never been made. I'm making it, and people need to hear it. I'm trying to create a thirst among Americans for rediscovering and reaffirming American values. Some might say “You're preaching to the choir,” I say: “Most of the choir has forgotten the melody!”

Also, I wanted a book written by an average guy with a love of the middle class. The America I love is the real, traditional one: entrepreneurial, family-oriented, churchgoing, Norman Rockwell-loving, flag waving etc. The only way America can get back is by believing in itself again. I want America to be relaxed and comfortable with its position in the world.

FP: Why do you love America so much?

Adams: I love America because it is confident, competitive, courageous, faithful, idealistic, innovative, inspirational, charitable, and optimistic. It is everything as a nation that I wish to be as a person.

FP: You are an expert on American exceptionalism. What makes America exceptional?

Adams: It’s individualism, not collectivism. Patriotism, not relativism. Optimism, not pessimism. Limited government, not nanny state. God, not government. Faith, not secularism. Life, not death. Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. It’s being bold, not bland. Brave, not meek. Choosing extraordinary over mediocre. It's about seeing the world in terms of good and evil, right and wrong- not rich and poor, strong and weak. American exceptionalism is God over man, and man over government.

FP: Talk to us a bit about the pathology of anti-Americanism.

Adams: Well, anti-Americanism has been central to the Left, and the Left, along with the world media, creates "world opinion"- which isn't worth a dime, by the way. But all around the world, America is painted as dangerous, racist and selfish, stupid and lazy. And yet it's the most successful melting pot anywhere. In the same week in 2012 it landed on Mars and topped the gold medal tally at the London Olympics. Its citizens are the most charitable per capita of any country. And as for dangerous- that's absolute bilge. If I were to run out of gas in the middle of the night, I would feel more confident knocking on the door of an American home than one in any other country I know.

FP: What does America have to do to boomerang?

Adams: It has to end the waste, pay back the debt, cut the taxes, limit the government, protect the borders, hammer political correctness, preserve Judeo-Christian traditions, keep the peace through military strength, end the culture of entitlement and be loyal to the Constitution.

FP: What do you think America's approach should be to foreign policy?

Adams: America should always lead from the front. Weakness invites aggression. I know Americans are war-weary, but a reduced American military footprint is not good for anyone. The best way to ensure the American military never have to go to any war is by making sure the American military can win any war. No one should be surprised that Russia and China are advancing at the same time the American military is getting downsized. I think we have to pray for peace, but prepare for war. And it certainly shouldn't be using hashtags... I mean, just imagine Eleanor Roosevelt standing there with a sign #StopAdolf. Unbelievable.

FP: Why do you believe the Second Amendment is a centerpiece of American exceptionalism?

Adams: Nothing is more emblematic of the exceptionalism of America than the Second Amendment. Without the second Amendment, there are no other Amendments: the rest of the Constitution is a recommendation. It defines what America is about. It speaks to the character of America and to the mentality and philosophy of the American. It reflects why America came into being and the success of its human experiment. Civilian disarmament is based on the assumption that people are irresponsible (unless they work for the government). America was founded on the opposite premise. Plus: If we don't give up cars because some people use them to drive drunk, why give up our guns because others use them to commit crimes?

FP: Illuminate for us your belief that the Christian faith is at the center of the US exceptionalism web.

Adams: America is the one religious major industrialized country in the world. Americans acknowledge God in their founding document, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance, in their courtrooms, in their national anthem, and on their money… God is everywhere. And that is why until now God has blessed America enormously.

The source of America's character, as well as its virtues of optimism, freedom, pursuit of evil, derives from its robust Christian faith. Its whole idea of government was founded on the Christian concept of the sinful nature of man. The founding fathers were believers in the God of the Bible. One of the basic tenets of America was the ability to be free to worship any religion you like, but America was and remains a Judeo- Christian nation. The alliterative God-gap between America and Europe and their comparative success tells you all you need to know.

FP: Your thoughts on multiculturalism?

Adams: It's a completely failed policy. E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) makes America stand out. I don't pray at the altar of multiculturalism and the lie of the utopian virus. I think a lack of unified values threatens the cohesion of society. Why does multiculturalism embrace the value of other cultures while simultaneously denigrating America's magnificent Judeo-Christian heritage? Multiculturalism makes a nation just the sum of its parts, but no greater. And another question: why doesn't multiculturalism focus on the goodness and benevolence of America? America should pay no regard to where its citizens are from but require collective agreement on where they are headed. I believe in protecting America’s borders, its language and culture.

FP: Your thoughts on the connection between the Left and Islam?

Adams: You see, Jamie, the connection is the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is why the Left around the world runs interference on behalf of the Islamist. They run a protection racket for them. Both of them are enemies of America- if the US was a tooth, both would be rooting for the cavity. Social justice appears to demand that successful Western civilization be weakened, and non-Western ideologies (of which Islam is the most dominant) rewarded.

FP: In your view, what would happen if the lights went out on America?

Adams: America is at the center of the web. If the lights went out on the American Dream, the world would lose its shepherd. It would lose the fountainhead of world goodness. With no American Dream, there is no America. The world would succumb to socialism and radical Islam. Men who dream and aspire to tyranny would no longer be restrained or fearful. Smaller nations whose existence rely on America would be at their mercy. The threat to Israel would increase drastically. South Korea would be attacked. Australia would be at the mercy of Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Islamic population.

Without the economic leadership of America, and its leadership of ages, such as the agricultural, industrial, and information, stagnation would occur. People right around the world would live in uncertainty, pessimism and debt-riddled mediocrity, and never experience again the beauty of pursuing happiness.

With the American Dream dead, the model of individualism would be defunct, and collectivism and government seen as the only faith. The hundreds of millions of people beyond America’s borders that adopted the American Dream as their own, or those that always sought it, would be denied. In short, unconscionable darkness would cover the world.

FP: Let’s move on to your thoughts on the Islamic mind, which you argue is inferior to the American mind. Touch on that for us please.

Adams: All people are equal, but all cultures are not. While America is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Sharia - the moral code and religious law of Islam - is about death, slavery and the pursuit of power. They are entirely incompatible. It's the American Dream and the Islamic nightmare. Islam, when practiced properly - according to the Koran, the Hadith and the Sura - is not a religion of peace. From its inception, Islam has gone to war to conquer and convert, and it was always offense, not defense. There are major serious moral shortcomings in the Muslim world. Among them, violent punishments for non-violent offences, imposition of Sharia, and the treatment of women, not to mention an utter dearth of liberty.

FP: Why do you believe there is a little cowboy in every American?

Adams: The traditional patriotic American does have a cowboy spirit. They are highly individualistic, fiercely anti-authority, suspicious of government, philanthropic, religious, disposed to civic volunteerism, self-reliant, spirited, unafraid, and inherently good. They're the type of people who believe in the words of John Wayne: “If everything isn’t black and white, I say ‘Why the hell not?’”

FP: What do you mean when you say other nations strive for mediocrity but America strives for greatness? Why do you say America embraces the brilliant men and women of other countries and why are those people rejected in their own homelands?

Adams: No culture other than America allows its people to pursue their dream, blaze a trail and provide them with circumstances best suited to success. Americans who travel to England or Australia or Germany are taken aback at how brutally unkind these cultures are to their public figures, how hateful they are toward anyone with a degree of success (genuine or perceived) or money, and how willing they are to ascribe an individual’s achievements to something other than their own ability.

The Australia I grew up with, and still live in, is hostile to anyone with initiative, self-esteem and the ability to make money. To display individuality, to not conform, to make your own rules, equates to lack of recognition, at best, or steady personal and media assault, at worst. It explains the great brain drain of the West, which has for the last half-century flooded into the United States.

For America to remain on top, it must continue to be the refuge for those who want to be the best. America must always rebuke the collectivist, egalitarian oppression of the individual manufactured by socialism.

FP: Political correctness?

Adams: I think it's the greatest calamity of our time. Political correctness is not only unpatriotic; it's inhumane. It's a human rights violation. It empowers radical Islam, it empowers the Chinese, socialism, tyranny and it empowers every person seeking to destroy the West and America. Political correctness if not just an agenda - it is a war - a war against America, against Christianity, against white people, against tradition, and on life itself. I'm sick of ponytailed grad students that have attended one too many gender studies seminars determining what I can and can't say. The test should not be hurt feelings; it should be truth. As a straight, white, educated, conservative, middle-class male, I am not supposed to have a voice. Good luck with that. I'm not going to allow myself to be bullied by the anti-bullying crusade. I don't think America should become a nation of bullies, forcing conformity while calling it tolerance. Time to punch the bully in the nose!

FP: Nick Adams, thanks so much for joining Frontpage Interview and thank you for your love of America and your noble and brave battle for the truth.

And we encourage all of our readers to get their hands on The American Boomerang!

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