Bill Whittle: Get to Work!

A Truth Revolt video.

pointEverywhere we look today we see SCANDAL FATIGUE gripping the nation. It's bad enough that Leftist policy has crippled the national economy; in his latest FIREWALL Bill Whittle explains why you shouldn't let the Clown Car Cavalcade of Incompetence cripple YOUR economy as well. Watch and discover why America is bigger than these weenies at their worst. Video and transcript below:



Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.

During the winter Olympics, I saw a commercial for the 2014 Cadillac ELR. I haven’t felt better about America since… well, since November of 2008 actually. I can’t play the whole thing – let me just play you my favorite part:


The Left hates this, of course: they see in it everything they hate about America. They say he is arrogant and strutting. That’s not strutting: that’s a guy who has someplace to be.

And arrogance? You want arrogance? Arrogance is a guy becoming President of the Harvard Law Review, then never writing a law review. Near as I can tell, the only qualifications this guy has for being President of the United States is that he used to hand out forms in Chicago. That’s arrogance.

Anyway, here’s a quick splash of cold water to snap me you of scandal stupor and help you cope with the clown car cavalcade of incompetence: the stupidity, the power-grubbing, vote-buying, pandering student-council weenieness of these losers, race hustlers and envy mongers on the Progressive Left. I’m speaking now to the rest of you: you know, the ones that go to work. The ones that can open a jackknife and know how to change a tire. The men who don’t have to climb on a chair and call the exterminator when there’s a spider in the shower; the women who keep things humming and who love good men and wish there were more of them around.

Yes, these has-been commie slackers and layabouts and agitators are busy tearing things down as fast as their soft, undersized hands will let them. Yes, as usual, these cheerleaders for failure and shortages are trying to mind your own business and generally gumming up what is a beautiful, humming hive of activity if you’d just leave it alone. Yes, these losers and weenies in are ruining what was once good money and screwing over the economy. But don’t let them screw over your economy.

We’re descended from people from all over the world who’d had it up to here with kings, potentates, sultans, Emirs, Democrats and other control freaks.


For example, this idiot – just picking one from a bouquet of idiots in government -- rides around in limousines and private jets. He didn’t earn the money to pay for that – you did. Not only could this guy not run a company like Wal-Mart – he couldn’t run a single Wal-Mart.


This control freak talks about a selfless life of public service, and how poor she is, and how her life is a tale of sacrifice and woe and hardships suffered on your behalf. What is she worth? $50 million? But when she writes a book called IT TAKES A VILLAGE, the subtitle of that book is AND A VILLAGE NEEDS A CHIEF. And guess who she has in mind?

And we’re going to let these people run our lives? We are? Really? Here in America? We’re going to let this Goat Rodeo of failure take away our God-given optimism, ambition and vision. THESE idiots?

No. I don’t think so. Their moment has come. Their moment has passed. They’ve tried everything, and everything they tried failed. Even they don’t believe this crap anymore.

So don’t let these losers ruin your day.. Americans have been outsmarting government since there’s been America. Do what people like Hilary Clinton and Jon Ketty do: go make a pile of money, and then hire the best accountants you can afford to use every legal trick in the book to pay as little tax as possible.

Start a business. Get to work! Find that one young person in a hundred who wants to work hard, reward the hell out of him or her, and watch what happens to the rest of them. They’re all wealth redistributing socialists so long as it’s someone else’s wealth being redistributed to them. When it’s time to take what they’ve earned and give it away other, just watch them go William F. Buckley on you, right in front of your eyes.

So get out there and get to work! If you don’t like being a janitor, there are free online courses on becoming a plumber. If you don’t like being a plummer, there are free online courses in math or science or business. Go be whatever you want to be. That’s why this whole thing was built in the first place. Get to work!

Or don’t! You want to hang out by the dumpster behind the 7-11 and smoke dope all day, that’s your business. We don’t care. You want to be the Due, be the Dude. But the Dude doesn’t take other people’s stuff. The Dude abides. You want to take it easy for the rest of your life, fine. Abide. But some of us get up and go to work so we can have thorium reactors and fast cars and loud guns and a house, or two, or three or jet airplanes or boats or whetever else we want because we can.

My working hard doesn’t hurt you. It helps you, actually, but that’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it so I can have fun, so I can pursue happiness. My happiness. You’re going to let these weenies ruin that birthright?

This country was born by defeating the most powerful military force on the face of the earth. We’ve beaten Nazi technical genius, Japanese fanaticism, a half-century of socialist despair and misery and now Islamic brutality – hell, we even fought other Americans – and we’re still here. We’ve got six flags on the moon. You can’t stop that kind of creativity, ambition, vision and passion, and if you think a strutting, jug-earned Narcissist failure from Chicago is going to be the end of that then you have another think coming.

Nes pas?