Jews Can Shoot

‘Never again’ doesn’t have to be an empty slogan.

jcsIn the wake of the current Gaza conflict, the supporters of the “Palestinians” – by which I mean the supporters of Hamas around the world – have felt emboldened to express openly their violent Jew-hatred. Throughout Europe, Canada, and even the United States, protests have turned quickly into riots and assaults on Jews, synagogues, and Israel’s supporters.

Even before the Gaza conflict, violent anti-Semitism was proving itself to be on the rise, as this random selection of incidents here and abroad demonstrates: Near Kansas City this April, a white supremacist killed three people in attacks at a Jewish community center and Jewish retirement complex. At the end of May, four people were murdered by a shooter in the Jewish Museum in Brussels. A few hours after that in Paris, two young religious Jews were severely beaten by unknown assailants outside a synagogue. Only days later, a report announced that Arab attacks on Jews in Jerusalem's Old City were on the rise. Less than two weeks later, a pack of North African youths attacked two young Jews with tear gas in a Paris suburb. The next weekend saw a series of Muslim attacks on Jews in Paris.

Doris Wise Montrose*, founder and president of the Los Angeles-based Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHS) is doing something to reverse the tide of Jewish victimization. Recently Ms. Montrose, whose organization seeks to empower people to resist today’s threats “to the West and to the Western traditions of liberal tolerance and individualism,” organized a firearms instruction class in May largely for beginners. The event inspired such interest that Montrose decided to take things a step further and establish, which focuses on preparing participants to defend themselves. I recently posed a few questions to Ms. Montrose about this new aspect of her organization’s mission.

Mark Tapson: What prompted you to take CJHS to the next level, to go from speakers and newsletters to firearm training and

Doris Montrose: I realized two things: One, educating people is important but there is no way we will be able to convince everybody of the threats that face our way of life and our civilization. Two, if we are not trained and in possession of weapons, merely understanding the threats does not enable us to resist the threats., besides providing weapons safety and training classes, will also provide information and action on ensuring that the Second Amendment stays in place, and how to resist attempts to chip away at the Second Amendment and eliminate it from our Bill of Rights. Everywhere genocide has prevailed, it was superseded by requiring the registration of guns followed by the confiscation of guns.

Education – speakers, newsletter, articles, books, films – is extremely important and must continue by all the organizations that are doing this, including CJHS. But when people leave a lecture, finish an article or book, and so on, there is more of an empowerment to what they have learned if they also possess the ability to defend themselves by being well-trained in the use of firearms.

Whether it is an attack on our way of life by the government or being attacked by a criminal in the street or attempting to break into our homes, the attacker is far less likely to succeed if he knows that there will be resistance from an armed citizen.

MT: What has been the reaction so far to your shooting event, from the actual participants to people who have reached out to you after hearing about it?

DM: I could not believe the reaction to the invitation! The response was overwhelmingly positive, greater than the response to anything else we have done. Not just from people wanting to take the class but from people applauding and praising me for arranging it, for embracing the very idea of Jews defending themselves with weapons. People actually seemed surprised that a Jewish organization was doing this. They wanted to know if such classes were available where they live. I also received emails from Jewish certified instructors with their contact info should anyone be interested (at some point, I do plan to offer a directory of certified firearms instructors). It was clear I had struck a nerve.

There are so many organizations providing access to information. Mine is one of them, and I will continue to educate people about the threats we are facing. But we cannot afford to fool ourselves – just as history has shown how easily and how much we want to be fooled – into believing that knowledge alone is enough. Education alone will not save us from an enemy coming at us in such full force. We must be prepared to defend ourselves as well. If enough people are armed and are trained, and if we make sure the Second Amendment is in full force, there is hope.

MT: The CJHS website states that your organization believes “that Jews have a right, codified by the League of Nations and the United Nations, to flourish in peace and strength in a Jewish State located in their ancestral homeland of Israel.” What is CJHS’ position on a solution for peace in the Middle East?

DM: I believe that the decades of Israel being forced to participate in a “peace process” or the goal of a “two-state solution” that would result in “peace” puts Israel – and by extension the Jewish people – in the same position as prior to the Holocaust. Therefore, CJHS is opposed to even the discussion of a “peace process” or “two-state solution.” The only two-state solution we support is Jordan and Israel and not one which carves yet another Muslim nation out of the state of Israel.

The word “peace” has one meaning to the Western world, which includes Israel, and a completely different meaning to the Arabs considered by the international community to be Israel’s “peace partners” – and that meaning is the complete obliteration of the Jewish state, which would put Jews back to being a people without a country and a military. This impossible and absurd objective has brought nothing but terrible suffering and tragedy to this very day.

MT: The CJHS banner reads “New Holocaust Resistance.” Do you really believe that the threat of another Holocaust exists?

DM: It’s already happening. While it may not look the same as the Holocaust in Europe with ghettos and concentration camps, Jews – and Christians – are targeted by Muslims because of who they are. It is a slower genocide – but genocide nonetheless. And the Muslims have stated their goals directly. As they move forward and spread out and find little or no resistance, they will quicken their pace.

People may say the overused phrase “Never Again” with conviction but it has no meaning unless we really take action to prevent another Holocaust. And since Israel – and the Jews – are the canary in the coal mine, Israel’s survival should be everyone’s goal – because the next Holocaust will not be limited to Jews.

* Full disclosure: the David Horowitz Freedom Center has co-sponsored many of CJHS’ events, and Doris Montrose is a close friend of mine.

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