Jew-Hatred Flying Like Hamas' Missiles

As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, all I can say is that it is déjà vu back to 1933.

000_Par7935171-e1405882687800I am a daughter of Holocaust survivors, and I'm sad to say, I'm glad both my parents are no longer living. What they would see, to their horror, is déjà vu back to 1933 with an explosion of anti-Semitism, especially in Europe, the UK and even in the U.S. and Canada. Throughout Europe, where Muslim populations have grown substantially along with a left-leaning constituency, out-of-control violence against Jews and Israel has erupted, with the perpetrators using the Israeli-Gaza conflict as an excuse for the "old hatred." This is, in part, a direct result of the media coverage of the conflict. The openly biased written and visual reporting has created a frenzy of anti-Semitism – even though much of this reporting has been, or will be, proven incorrect and to be simple disinformation propaganda.

In country after EU country, there have been violent anti-Israel demonstrations with signs reading such things as “death to Jews” and “no dogs or Jews allowed” (this was a sign seen by an elderly woman in Cologne, Germany who lived through the Holocaust). In France, Jewish businesses have been torched and synagogues attacked. The trend has also been visible in the US at demonstrations in Boston, Chicago and other locations. They have become violent where left-wing constituencies and large Muslim populations prevail. There is also the element of the universities, where anti-Israel sentiment is widespread and becoming a real danger in the United States. In addition, there is almost no outrage voiced by the U.S. administration or from the EU.

This whole situation is not a far cry from Kristallnacht.

Israel left Gaza in 2005 with agricultural and other infrastructure in place. Aid began to pour in from around the world. Hamas showed its gratitude by destroying  the infrastructure left behind and using the supplies meant for new houses (i.e. building materials and cement) to construct an incredible fully-equipped underground tunnel system for attacks on Israel. Shortly after Israel left, the slow pounding of rockets began in the south of Israel – forcing citizens to live in shelters and in a constant state of terror.

Hamas is a terrorist organization, an arm of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood going back to the 3rd Reich, and its Charter calls for the destruction of Israel and all Jews. I won’t list all the worldwide media that have assisted in achieving this objective as that would run quite long. Suffice it to say, virtually no unbiased journalism abounds today where Israel is concerned.

Hundreds of rockets and missiles are shot daily directly at Israeli civilians. Hamas is using their own people as human shields, hiding and launching rockets and missiles from homes, hospitals, schools and playgrounds, knowing full well that Israel would have to strike back, increasing the amount of casualties and pressure on Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel risks the lives of their young men to protect Palestinian civilians – warning them to leave areas, delivering aid and treating them in Israeli hospitals. No other country on earth would do this, yet the hate of Israel grows. And the media ignores these facts because they are inconvenient truths.

The use of words like “Holocaust” and “massacre” to describe Israeli actions underscores the anti-Semitism at play. Such word usage doesn’t seem to apply to the deaths of thousands of Muslims at the hands of allied forces and other Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

Where was the world when the rocket attacks on Israel started? Why is it only Israel that elicits this type of condemnation when it defends itself? Had outrage been voiced and the real situation on the ground noted, this may have already ended without the casualties on either side. Ceasefire after ceasefire has been broken by Hamas – yet who gets blamed?

This is the purest form of anti-Semitism and nothing else.

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