A Ceasefire Saves Hamas

Israel's priority should be protecting its people -- not media coverage.

rIt would have been impossible for anyone to predict an alliance between Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia & Israel standing on the other side of the fence from America, Qatar and Turkey.  How the world has changed.  Meanwhile, Iran has not been touched, Syria’s Assad remains in power, and Putin is the most powerful man in the world.  How is that hope and change looking, Barack?

Amidst the absurd reports that the Palestinian Arabs will go to the world court to seek “war crime” charges against Israel, where are the voices in the American government calling for the prosecution of an organization which America has classified as a terrorist organization that fired rockets into cities that have tens of thousands of U.S. citizens?  That’s what Hamas did – and if there were Americans anywhere there than Israel there would be harsh consequences. Terrorism anywhere is wrong. America should prosecute the barbarians who shot missiles at cities in Israel filled with Americans.

I recently returned from a vacation in South of France and Monaco, Monte Carlo, which was fabulous. While there, my kids met a group of Palestinian kids in the pool who they played with. (As I learned when asking the kids where they were from.) With Thai nannies, and mothers wearing bikinis, one wonders could not Gaza have been a Monte Carlo? Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but think that they would be killed if they dared to dress or behave in the manner that they do overseas. Similarly, Hamas’ leaders direct martyrs from 5-star hotels. If they want to live in peace, they should overthrow Hamas. Hamas is to blame for dead Palestinian Arabs, not Israel.

Now that there's a ceasefire in Israel and Kerry and Obama have succeeded in stopping Israel from destroying Hamas, maybe they should now save the lives of the Christians being slaughtered in the rest of the Middle East. A ceasefire, say with ISIS?  How about that big bad John Kerry?

Now that the tunnels have been discovered in Gaza, can anyone doubt that if Israel was to cede any parts of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) then surely they would do exactly the same? Is it anything other than lunacy if Israel was to give up any land?

When one hears about the so-called powerful American Jewish lobby, clearly none of them have power or influence in this white house.  Across the political map in Israel it’s acknowledged that Obama is a danger to Israel, and they are counting the days until Obama is out of office.  Undoubtedly, people across the world who want a safer world for the west are counting down the days until we have a different occupant in the White House. Truly, the world is a scary place. When villains operate with impunity, he with the biggest sword wins. Obama has no fear nor does he have respect in the world.

As usual, a lot of noise surrounded perceived inaccurate coverage and media bias of the Middle East conflict.  The fact remains that the media is overly liberal, and that is not likely to change. If someone fires weapons and hides behind children (or in hospitals) then they are responsible when the children get hurt. Israel drops leaflets, sends text messages, and makes phone calls warning Palestinians well in advance of their intentions to fire at Hamas rocket sites and tunnels which Hamas placed in civilian neighborhoods in the hopes of creating more death when Israel responds. Israel is responsible for protecting her people.

Ultimately, even a PR agency would note that survival is more important than media coverage.

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