Losing Our Heads One Way Or Another

Why "losing your head" won't be just a metaphor for us much longer.

isis-syriaThe most important story of the day is O.J. Simpson’s supposed conversion to Islam in prison.


If this is true, it teaches us a lot about the profound attraction to Islam for those who repudiate the Ten Commandments or the Seven Noahite laws: Islamist Muslims do not accept the commandment applicable to Jews and Christians not to murder. More widely, this religion (or has it become, or has it always been, an ideology in the guise of a religion, or is it a religion that has been taken over by evil fundamentalists?) now appeals to murderers, wife beaters, pedophiles and racists.

Congratulations O.J. Simpson, you have been redeemed. (And lookout world!) Are there "moderate Muslims"? I know many good Muslim people, but they have to be committed to MAJOR reform of Islam and hence have an almost insurmountable task which may take a few hundred years, and I am not sure we have that long if Iran gets the nuclear bomb.  And those who are admitted to our country must first have to repudiate certain views that are at present ascribed to their religion. Big problem.

I fear that some people will choose to suddenly become very angry or upset to go with the latest excuse they can find to do what their baser instincts want, and will be off to the store to buy a machete, as beheading becomes the hippest crime of our times. "Losing your head" won't just be a metaphor anymore for becoming confused or overly emotional about someone or something, or for suddenly becoming very angry or upset, or not having control of your emotions. "Losing your head" will exclusively apply to those who by their beliefs, gender, religion, nationality, or commitment to freedoms have given offense to Islamists who require for symbolic purposes to further Jihad by separating the “offenders’” heads from their bodies with or without displaying same on a fence post or stick or passing it around to children to pose in front of the cameras.

So, I am very concerned about all these jailhouse conversions of thugs, mainly but not exclusively black, to the “religion of peace” which is actually the “religion that appeals to thugs”.  Not only because upon conversion their past sins are forgiven.  (Christianity has a certain appeal to those who want to accept Jesus and get forgiveness of their sins. But the conversions to Christianity tend to be with convicts who want forgiveness so that they can start over and live morally). The conversion to Islam is attractive to those who see (in their eyes, at least) a religion in which they can pursue murder, spousal and child abuse, racism, and loss of their identity within a mass movement where Jihad needs their special skills.     We have a problem.

I have lost my head many times in my anger over what is happening to freedoms in the West and what I perceive as a Muslim-backed anti-Semitism growing in the West. But I am now facing losing my head in a very different way. I used to give lectures, but after being shouted down by Islamists who stopped my lecture by shouting me down with taunts of “f---ing Jew” without the police or the authors’ rights or civil rights or mainstream Jewish organizations coming to my assistance, I don’t lecture much anymore.  In fact, I don’t travel too much, anymore. According to my doctor it is best for your health to keep your head while others around you are losing theirs.

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