A Rebuttal to Islam: Top 5 Arguments

A counter-punch to one of the world's biggest Islamic organizations.

louder-with-crowderThis is a little longer than the videos to which you're accustomed. That's because it's taken from my live radio show (which is available for free as a podcast). Why do this? Well, not long ago, Talk Islam (one of the world's most influential Islamic online groups) decided to try and shutdown my channel.  They issued a response to my Islamically critical videos, demanding their audience to down-vote and employ mass denial of service tactics. Because... religion of peace?

It didn't work. Instead, I'm back to pick apart their ideas. One by one.  In this video, we dissect what they believe to be their strongest arguments in support of Islam, and their holiest of "prophets" Muhammad.  We cover such questions as:

- Did Muhammad live a virtuous, peaceful life (according to actual historians)?
- Was Muhammad a pedophile?  Hint – yes.
- Is there a moral equivalency to be drawn between Muhammad and Joseph (father to Jesus)?
- Was Joseph actually ninety years old when he married Mary?  Hint – no.
- Does the Qur'an and it's "prophet" Muhammad call for Jihad?
- Is there anything in the Bible that could be considered a similar calling to Jihad?
- What are Islam's true "ethics of war" as outlined per the Qur'an and how is it relevant today?

Go ahead ladies and gents.  Watch the video, be entertained and arm yourself with information.  Go forth, and know them better man:

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